About Us

About Us

Pyronix Security Products

Pyronix Limited is a market leading designer and manufacturer of products and technologies in the security industry.

Independently owned and primarily UK based across three sites in South Yorkshire, as well as one in Berkshire, manufacturing links in China and an office in Italy, Pyronix is ever evolving and expanding to match the demand of our business.

Incorporated in 1986 by our now Chair and Chief Executive, Julie Kenny CBE DL, we have patented many technologies and won numerous awards for innovation over the years and now we are recognised globally, reaching over 70 countries.

With humble beginnings, the company continues to pride itself on innovation and quality. Starting with the world’s smallest PIR detector of its time, we quickly established a firm foothold in the market, which has allowed us to develop new detector technologies and ranges, as well as diversify to include alarm systems, sounders, speech dialers and even PC software.

Over the last 30-years the market has continuously changed and adapted and so have we; fostering an innovative culture founded on our unrelenting commitment to product research and development.

We stay ahead of the curve and our range of award winning wired, hybrid and wireless systems provide a solution for any domestic or commercial project.

In fact, our latest innovations in the PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ App highlight another shift in the market, adopting new technologies into our product range that includes video and home automation options.

Reliability, quality, innovation and customer service remain at the heart of everything we do and have been key factors in everything we have achieved.

Our worldwide following of loyal customers are crucial to our success, and we would like to welcome you to the Pyronix family and show what we can offer you.

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