"All products of Pyronix are excellent to class!! We have been using Pyronix products in our business from the time of inception (1995). All products are proved with quality, minimal maintenance and being installer friendly.

"The Euro product line has aided us in offering user-friendly and budgetary solutions to our wide customer base. Thanks for these wonderful products."

Dhipin Jayaprakash, Security and Communication Specialist Ltd

"I am delighted to let you know that we have now successfully moved across to using the Castle EURO 46, with the wireless expander (EURO-ZEM32-WE). As you know I have never been a fan of wireless equipment but after speaking to our engineer I am having to eat my words!

"Our engineer has never installed a Castle panel before but found it very easy to install and the menu structure very intuitive. Our customer is more than happy with the system and found it simple to use.

"In short a good "engineer friendly" product."

Mark Ashall, Operations Manager , Unique Integrated Systems Ltd

"We at IDES have been installing Castle and Pyronix equipment for over 20 years. 

"We have used everything from the early Pyronix Enforcer and Castle Omega range right up to the current detection and Euromeridian control equipment.

"The equipment has always proved to be reliable and we have it located all over Scotland in domestic and large commercial buildings.

"Our customers using the equipment over the last decade include The Royal Botanic Garden and several luxury house builders who continue to use the equipment which in our view is always at the cutting edge of technology."

Alan Duffy , Director, IDES

"Just started installing the Pyronix Enforcer, as they are very reliable and have excellent features, especially the radio technology, that has enabled us to increase our profits, by installing systems in half the time of conventional wired panels."


"Since being introduced to the Enforcer Range back in Febuary 2013 I’ve been able to leverage Electronic Security Solutions to a wider range of customer base, opening the door to customers on a minimum budget to secure their home with a reliable and effective application, with minimum fuss, disturbance and financial impact.

"The complexity of some properties just do not allow for cable routes, but they do for the Enforcer wireless route!"

Andy Smith, Security Engineer, Electronic Security Solutions

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