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Deltabell E (Grade 3)

Grade 3 External Sounder

All of the great features of the Deltabell E are present, but to make it suitable for EN50131 Grade 3 applications, the following extra features have been incorporated
  • Increased battery capacity
  • Siren trigger input is continuously monitored for integrity
  • Active self-test for SAB back up battery
  • Fault relay output

Together all these features add up to create an ideal external siren and strobe for residential and business use.
  • Piezo sounder technology
  • 3 Way tamper action
  • Universal triggering inputs
  • Dual skin 3mm ABS housing
  • Supplied with rechargeable battery
  • Engineer hold off
  • Hinged lid
  • Remote engineer hold off input
  • IP65 rated
  • Various colour combinations available
  • Increased battery capacity
  • Siren trigger input is continuously monitored for integrity
  • Active self-test for SAB back up battery
  • Fault relay output
Product Features
Piezo sounders with high decibel outputBelle: 118dBa. Decibell E/ Deltabell E / Deltabell Plus: 104dBA.
Note: The Belle has 2 piezos.
The Decibell E/Deltabell E/Deltabell Plus have 1 piezo.
3 Way tamper actionActivation from front, back, and power supply cut off ensures protection from sabotage attempts. In this situation, the siren will activate independently of the control panel.
Positive/Negative trigger inputsCan be connected to any output that is positive applied or negative applied on a manufacturer's control panel.
Universal triggering inputsCan be connected to any output on a manufacturers control panel, positive applied, negative applied, positive removed, negative applied.
Revolving guide holesUnique leveling mechanism including in-built spirit level and revolving guide holes.
Supplied with batteryComplete with a backup battery so that even in the event of an intruder sabotage, the bell box will still operate and protect the property.
Siren cut-off timerThe cut off timer is defaulted to 15 minutes to meet industry regulations.
3mm Poly housingEnables a panoramic strobe effect illuminating the full bell box
Engineer hold off facilityWhen first powered with the tamper switch open, the sounder will not activate.
Remote engineer hold offIt is possible to disable the bell box tamper when a control panel is in the engineers menu.
Technical Specification
Operating voltage9-16Vdc (13.5V nominal)

Standby< 50mA
Alarm< 250mA

Strobe duration100mS


 For use in EN50131-1 Systems
Security Grade 3
Environmental Class 4
COMPLIANCE (click image to download certificate)
Min Pack10
Warranty2 Years
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