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Enforcer 32WE (Grade 2) Complete Wireless Burglar Alarm Panel

868MHz Two Way Wireless for added Security

The Award Winning Enforcer is a wireless system that includes a control panel (Enforcer 32-WE), integrated keypad and a variety of wireless devices which all use the Pyronix two way wireless technology. Each wireless device on the Enforcer, including keyfobs, is a transmitter and a receiver, allowing the implementation of the following technologies:
  • 4 Areas
  • 32 Wireless inputs
  • 2 Wired inputs (expandable to 34)
  • 3 Wired outputs (expandable to 19)
  • 80 User codes
  • Up to 19 User Automation Outputs
  • 32 wireless keyfobs with individual user ID
  • Up to 3 Wired Keypads/Readers
  • In built proximity reader
  • 750 Event log with time and date
  • 12V Auxiliary output / back up battery time 12 hours
  • 868MHz Transceiver FM technology
  • Pyronix two way wireless technology
  • Instant Two way Device Control (ITDC)
  • Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)
  • Pyronix High Security two way wireless data encryption Protocol (TDE)
  • Programmable wireless supervision time
  • Pyronix intelligent jamming detection

Domestic & Commercial Security

The compact nature of the control panel make it ideal for discreet installations where space is limited, and because no wires need to trail around the premises, the installation time is greatly reduced.
Product Features
Two Way Wireless TechnologyEach wireless device on the Enforcer system, including movement detectors is a transmitter and a receiver. The wireless technology used on the Enforcer system holds a significant advantage over one way and some two way wireless products currently available on the market:
1) All wireless devices know when the system is armed and disarmed.
Armed: All including movement detectors are permanently awake, making the protection much more secure.
Disarmed: The detection component of the movement detectors is disabled, preserving battery power. However, the detectors still communicate with the control panel via low power supervision messages.
Alarm Condition: During an alarm condition each activation of the movement detectors (PIR and DT) is transmitted to the ARC and user as well as registered in the memory log. This is only possible because detectors in the Enforcer system never sleep after activated as other products from most other brands would do, therefore compromising security.
2) The Enforcer 2-way wireless system allows the implementation of the Double Knock feature for every wireless movement detector (PIRs and DTs). This feature is normally found on wired systems only and is used to reduce false alarms on difficult installations.
Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)One of the key advantages of implementing of the SSI technology is to allow the installer to view the wireless transmission signal strength on both the control panel and wireless devices in real time.
Instant two way Device Control (ITDC)The ITDC technology enables instant wake up and instant sleep of each device on the system, allowing continuous communication between the control panel and wireless devices while preserving battery power. This technology not only provides installers with total control of each device, but also gives users peace of mind that they have a reliable and secure wireless system.
- Ensuring that all wireless detection devices know when the system is armed and disarmed.
- Ensuring that they are awake as soon as the system is armed.
Pyronix High Security Wireless Device EncryptionThe two way wireless protocol has been developed by Pyronix to ensure that the communication between all wireless system components is protected on a very high security level. The protocol uses the 128 bit Pyronix advanced encryption.
One Push To LearnAssigning wireless devices to the system is made simple and quick by the one push to learn feature.
1. Choose an input to learn the device to
2. Remove the plastic insulator between the battery and positive contact and press LEARN button
3. Input learnt
Quick, Simple and Efficient!
ProductDescription ProductDescription 
KX12DT-WETwo Way Wireless 12m Digital Dual Technology PIR and Microwave DetectorKX12DT-WEKX12DQ-WETwo Way Wireless KX 12m Digital PIR (868MHz)KX12DQ-WE
KX10DTP-WETwo Way Wireless, 10m Dual Technology, Pet Immune DetectorKX10DTP-WEKX10DP-WETwo Way Wireless KX 10m Pet Immune PIR (868MHZ)KX10DP-WE
KX15DC-WETwo Way 868MHZ Radio KX 15m Digital Curtain PIRKX15DC-WEKX25LR-WETwo Way Wireless KX 25m Long Range PIR (868MHz Grade 2)KX25LR-WE
MC1-WETwo Way Wireless magnetic contact / universal transmitter with 1 reed / 1 input + tamper input (Export Only)MC1-WECO-WETwo Way Wireless Carbon Monoxide SensorCO-WE
WL-WETwo Way Water Leak Sensor (Grade 2 868MHz)WL-WEMC1MINI-WETwo Way Wireless magnetic contact with 1 reed switchMC1MINI-WE
KF4-WEControl your Enforcer Wireless Burglar Alarm with EaseKF4-WEDIGI-1200Digital CommunicatorDIGI-1200
MC1/SHOCK-WE2 Way Wireless Magnetic Contact and Shock SensorMC1/SHOCK-WESMOKE-WETwo Way Wireless Smoke SensorSMOKE-WE
DELTABELL-WE Two Way 868MHz Wireless External Siren & StrobeDELTABELL-WE BatteriesReplacement Batteries for the wireless devicesBatteries
Bus Diagram
Bus Diagram
Technical Specification
Number of Wireless inputs32
Number of wired inputds (DEOL)2
Input current loop83mA
Number of programming inputs32

Output Voltage13.2V (Nominal)
Max. Total Current Output0.07A
PGM1, STRB, BELL250mA Continous Load
SAB / AUX Fuses350mA Self Resetting

Digital CommunicatorDIGI-1200 (PSTN) or DIGI-GSM

Operating Temperature-10 - +50 C
Storage Temperature-40 - +80 C

ColourWhite/Grey window

Power Input230VAC - 15/+10%
Rated Current22-75mA
Rated Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Input Fuse RatingT 2A (non replaceable)


Operating Temperature-10
Storage Temperature-40

COMPLIANCE (click image to download certificate)
EN Europe 
Min Pack1
Warranty2 years
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