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MX-485 Network

This system connects Matrix panels into a RS485 network managed by the monitoring software MX-MON.

The MX-485 network is the ideal solution where there is a requirement for local monitoring of many independent premises via a local network. It allows up to 248 Matrix control panels to be linked into one common network based on a RS485 communication protocol.

The MX-485 network enables the local monitoring centre to recieve Contact ID events transmitted by the linked Matrix panels via the RS485. The basic system can reach up to 1km in length, however by the use of RS485 repeaters it is possible to expand the coverage. It also allows the Matrix 424, 832 and 832+ to be remotely armed/disarmed, outputs operated and programmed via the network.
  • Max number of Matrix control panels: 248
  • Max number of independent systems: 992
  • Max number of zones: 7934
  • Max number of PGMs: 2976
  • Max number of MX485/4 modules per bus: 31
  • Max number of RS485 buses: 2
  • Networkable with; Matrix 6, Matrix 816, Matrix 424, Matrix 832, Matrix 832+
Product Features
Network IndependencyMatrix panels retain their full independency from the network, therefore if the network is down there is no compromise on security. It is even possible to set up the digital communicator within the panels to call in the event of a network fault.
Extensive system via a local networkEnsures full supervision of the network line with no additional call costs.
Uni-directional networkEnsures Contact ID events transmitted via the network to monitoring contre using MX-MON software (Available with Matrix-6 and Matrix-816)
Bi-directional network1. Ensures Contact ID events transmitted via the RS485 network to work with the following control panels: the monitoring center using MX-MON software. 2. Remote mainenance without visiting each individual system. 3. Enables the full programming of the control panels using the network reducing installation time. 4. Remote arm/disarm via the MX-485 netowrk. 5. Remote triggering of the Matrix PGMs (Programmable outputs) via the MX-485 Network. (Available with Matrix-424, Matrix-832 and Matrix-8)
COMPLIANCE (click image to download certificate)
Min Pack10
Warranty1 year
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