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ProductDescription ProductDescription 
Twin AlertCombined sounder and internal siren. Separate inputs for sounder and speaker, eliminating the requirement for two separate products. Compatible to any panel with a speaker outputTwin AlertSC10 Surface Contact2 terminal, single reed, 20mm.SC10 Surface Contact
SC20 Surface Contact5 - terminal, single reedSC20 Surface ContactSC60 Surface Contact4 - wire, double reedSC60 Surface Contact
SC100 Surface ContactMini - surf 4 - wire single reed, 14-16mmSC100 Surface ContactFC10 Flush Contact (Quick Fit)2 - terminal, singe reed, 14mmFC10 Flush Contact (Quick Fit)
FC60 Flush Contact (Flushed, Ribbed, Push Fit)2 - wire, single reed, 15mmFC60 Flush Contact (Flushed, Ribbed, Push Fit)FC90 Flush Contact (Flushed, Ribbed, Push Fit)4 - core, single reed, 15mmFC90 Flush Contact (Flushed, Ribbed, Push Fit)
FC100 Flush Contact (Flushed, Ribbed, Push Fit)4 - wire flanged, single reed, 50mmFC100 Flush Contact (Flushed, Ribbed, Push Fit)FC110 Flush Contact (Roller Shutter Contacts)Roller shutter, single reedFC110 Flush Contact (Roller Shutter Contacts)
JB10 Flush Contact (Roller Shutter Contacts)7 Connections, Leaft tamper, 78 x 24 x 22mmJB10 Flush Contact (Roller Shutter Contacts)JB20 Flush Contact (Roller Shutter Contacts)10 Connections, Leaft tamper, 70 x 56 x 20mmJB20 Flush Contact (Roller Shutter Contacts)
JB30 Flush Contact (Roller Shutter Contacts)24 Connections, Leaft tamper, 125 x 100 x 48mmJB30 Flush Contact (Roller Shutter Contacts)PB10 Panic ButtonReed NO/NC, Latch, Plastic, Single PushPB10 Panic Button
PB20 Panic ButtonReed NO/NC, Latch, S/Steel, Single PushPB20 Panic ButtonPB70 Panic ButtonReed NO/NC, Latch, Plastic, Double PushPB70 Panic Button