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Alarmsafe, Bristol
Many thanks to Gary (Account Manager) and Richard Lockwood (Designer) for introducing us to the Deltabell, arranging our art work and ensuring our covers have been delivered on time. We have just ordered another batch of screen printed covers from Enterprise Security Distribution. Since we started using them after our 1st meeting on the 28th September my son Andrew and I have managed to supply and install 45 units in 15 working days; 10 being from a knock on effect from people seeing the new glow in the dark glare and wanting their old bell boxes upgraded, some not even being existing customers. In 25 years of trading we have never been able to fit bell boxes at such an incredible rate! (Averaging 3 per day)
Jack Watts - Proprietor (October 2009)
Alarm Supplies Scotland, nationwide
The staff and management at Alarm Supplies would like to convey their congratulations to Pyronix Ltd on reaching the 25 year milestone.

Pyronix are undoubtedly one of the finest manufacturers in the UK and we look forward to continuing our very successful business relationship. The success of Pyronix in my opinion is the personal relationships that have been developed over a great number of years. They take a great deal of pride in building excellent working relationships with the staff of Alarm Supplies branches and that has in my opinion been key to the business growing substantially year on year.

We are delighted to be a partner of Pyronix and congratulate Julie and her team for the success achieved over the last 25 years. I am sure the business will thrive in the coming years and Alarm Supplies will continue to support Pyronix in the future.

New innovative products supported by good sales teams make the Distributors job very easy - Alarm Supplies with our seven branches in key locations throughout Scotland, England and Northern Ireland will grow through providing our customers with quality product and a quality of customer service that is hard to match.

We look forward to the future with confidence and assure our customers that we will endeavour to provide everything they require - just as Pyronix has done with Alarm Supplies.
George McCartney - Managing Director (August 2011)
Capital Alarms, Belfast
Pyronix has provided us with continued excellent customer service and professionalism throughout the years, and the company’s expert advice regarding its security products is second to none. We have had the opportunity to utilise all of its products, from dual technology detectors to access control. Our engineers believe that these products are easy to install and are of excellent quality, providing exceptional user-friendly controls for our customers, from whom we have had no complaints so far. Pyronix’s success is to our benefit and long may it continue.
Eamon McNamara - Managing Director (September 2011)
DISC Security, Glasgow
I have been installing the Pyronix Enforcer wireless system & Deltabell sounders for some months now, the Enforcer is a fantastic wireless system, very reliable and easy to install.
Having used other radio systems I find that the Enforcer is by far the best of all radio systems I have installed.

The two way radio technology makes it much easier to site survey the radio devices, giving me and my customers peace of mind proving all devices have strong radio signals.

The setting fobs also indicate with a red LED when set & green LED when un set, which again is a great benefit to my customers, being able to check their alarm panel status either outside or lying in bed.

The Deltabell is an excellent design with movable fixings and spirit level to assist installing it straight on the wall.
The internal led lights should certainly warn intruders and advertise our company superbly.

I can also now use the same DISC Security printed lids on my hard wired sounders and my radio sounders.
Jim Jamieson - Owner (Febraury 2012)
My company has recently begun using the new Deltabell PLUS Bell box. I first became interested in this bell box when I was approached by Maurice Taggart (Account Manager) who demonstrated some of Pyronix new products to me. I was very impressed when I saw the Deltabell Plus. Its shape and particularly how it was illuminated at night is great.

I have tried and tested this bell box thoroughly. It is simple to install and popular with customers. I have had no problems with it and I would recommend it to other people.
Paul Clifford - Managing Director (July 2011)
ESP Systems, Dublin
The Enforcer two way wireless panel was ideally suited for the location and application that was required on site, the kit was installed very quickly and the set up was no problem. The programming between the PIR and Panel was a little bit harder, but when Maurice Taggart (Account Manager) showed me how to, it looked easy. There are still just a few things to get my head round.
It worked very well on the tests and the customer was happy to get an alarm system up and working again.
Since the installation the customer had no issues with the panel, I never had to show her how to set it. She just pushed the button and away she went. It is really straight forward. I hope to use a lot more of these Enforcer kits in the future.
Duncan Whiteside - Owner (July 2011)
ESP Security
I must take a few moments to express how impressed I am with the Enforcer wireless alarm system!
We at ESP Security have many years of experience with wireless kits and find this to be the market leader
in terms of ease of installation, client operability, and of course the big one - reliability.
How best to summarise the situation?.. You fit it, then it just works as it should, no drama. And it sells itself too!
Many thanks to everyone involved, you're onto a winner there!
Piers Oldham-Principle
FM Security Services, Tamworth
We are now into our fourth month of fitting the new Enforcer System and I would like to make the following comments on how good this system is.

Firstly, the range totally outperforms the two other wireless systems that we have been using from different security manufacturers. The Enforcer system diagnostics are superb; signal strength, battery and walk tests can all be carried out from the control panel with ease.
I am particularly impressed by the instant detector wake up feature on system arm.
Not only does the Enforcer perform well, but the system looks great, customers love the fact that they can choose between using tags, radio fobs or codes and the SMS text message never fails to impress.

Generally, I try to configure a system in our workshop, so all my son needs to do at site is drill and screw the items as per the site specification and take the cheques to the bank! With Pyronix getting products to market right first time, they are taking over the market.
Also a thank you to Russell and the other guys in your Technical Support team, not only do they answer the phone when you need them, but they always have the answers - well done chaps.
Finally, I cannot say enough for the support given by Gary Rogers (Account Manager), always available and always supports us.

I confirm we are now servicing our first round of Enforcer systems , released 12 months ago. Please note we are recording 3.02 volts on load with a DVM on the KX wire free PIR's (KX12DQ-WE) after 12 months of service . Compared with 2.95 volt or less on the wireless system that we were previously using, depending on the PIR location and use. I am extremely encouraged by these results and service time is also reduced due to the diagnostics of the enforcer. Thanking you for your continued first class support to us
P. H. Freeman - Owner/Director (July 2011)
GC Electronics Ltd, Leeds
The Enforcer kit has been very popular with my customers both old and new. It looks great and is simple for them to use. The installation is easy and the Enforcer system almost sells itself once customers see it and realise its potential. The wire free bell is fantastic & also the option for a regular wired bell which is perfect for system takeovers. I must purchase the demo kit ASAP (unless I win one by texting you every month!)
Oliver Fawdington - Owner (May 2012)
Home Secure Alarms, Belfast
The Enforcer was brought to our attention by our local Castle/Pyronix representative and we decided to give it a bench test. The first thing we noticed was the size of the main panel which is a lot smaller than other wireless panels, somewhere in between the size of a typical wireless control panel and a normal RKP. This allows the Enforcer to be visually pleasing to the eye and also allows it to blend in with any decor. The unbranded nature of the product is a fantastic idea, allowing the alarm company to personalise the product which in turn gives the customer more confidence in the installation company and also in the alarm system itself.
Installation and set up of the Enforcer is easy, programming is identical to the excellent Castle Euro range which we have been installing recently after moving from another manufacturer. The programming menu is simple and you don’t get lost in a sea of sub-menus like we found in other systems we have installed in the past. Enrolling the sensors and other wireless components is simple and gives confidence that everything is going to work. The signal strength indication on the sensors makes site surveys painless and the installer no longer has to keep his fingers crossed when commissioning the system because he knows it’s going to work and there will be no weak signal issues.
The Enforcer also brings peace of mind to the customer and installer due to the fact that it is a two way system and there are no sleep timers on PIR detectors, this was a major worry for us before as with the previous one way systems we used there was the chance that the alarm system would fail to perform due to a sensor being in sleep mode.
All in all, an extremely user friendly system and our customers love them and customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us, as it brings us repeat and new business.
We will be installing the Enforcer for the foreseeable future.
Iain Traynor - Sales Engineer (August 2011)
IDES, Edinburgh
We at IDES have been installing Castle and Pyronix equipment for over 20 years.

We have used everything from the early Pyronix Enforcer and Castle Omega range right up to the current detection and Euromeridian control equipment.

The equipment has always proved to be reliable and we have it located all over Scotland in domestic and large commercial buildings.

Our customers using the equipment over the last decade include The Royal Botanic Garden and several luxury house builders who continue to use the equipment which in our view is always at the cutting edge of technology.
Alan Duffy, Director (February 2011)
JLG Security Services, Surrey
We were one of the first companies to use Pyronix products and like them, we too are 25 years old. Back in those days before the internet, it was all about forging relationships with suppliers, which Pyronix was always very good at – thankfully, something that has never changed. We have installed hundreds of the company’s earlier PIRs, and still have a number of them out there working today. The failure rate was very low, and setting up the devices was easy thanks to the dip switch arrangement, which was cutting edge at the time. We have found the sales team always approachable, helpful and understanding, with good communication skills.
Paul Gilbert - Managing Director (September 2011)
Knighthood Security, London
A big thanks to Gary Rogers (Account Manager) & the guys at Tech Support when I was installing the Enforcer. It's an amazing bit of kit, saved me so much time installing the 11 detectors. The customer absolutely loved the message he got from CHC when we triggered the alarm, mainly by the fact that it listed the device that was triggered & that some one had reset the system. The programming was so easy & the built in dialler kept costs for the client down. Well done to all you guys for developing this fantastic system.
Kam Singh (January 2012)
Link Alarms
The vast majority of security equipment we install is manufactured by Pyronix and I have to say I can't fault them, their products or service.

All the staff I have dealt with, whether it's technical, sales or marketing have been really helpful and always seem willing to go the extra mile.

The products are fresh & stylish, reliable, user friendly, cost effective and sometimes ingenious. I find it amazing how the back light on the Delta Plus or the simple blue LED in the MEQBlue can make such a difference to our customers.
The Enforcer is the most exciting wireless alarm on the market and I actually look forward to the arrival of new wireless devices for this system.

I would totally recommend Pyronix and their products to any security company.

If Carling made security systems.....
Link Alarms
Mahood Security, Belfast
The Deltabell product is an excellent sounder, congratulations to Pyronix on the product.
Andy Mahood - Ower (July 2011)
Max Security Glasgow
My company have been using the Pyronix enforcer two way radio alarm system for several years now with 100% satisfaction from the simple ease of installation, the products build quality and more importantly the systems reliability. The systems are very well received by my customers with very positive feedback about the systems easy setting/unsetting options.
We also use the Delta bell plus which looks great at night when illuminated and has received great appraisals from existing customers, the delta bell plus has also generated a good response from new customers looking to have the delta bell upgraded on their old existing alarm system.
Many thanks to the Pyronix team and keep up the good work
Steven Maxwell, Managing Director
Secom PLC, nationwide
We have been using Pyronix products for over 10 years now and we have found them to be exceptionally reliable. The company is always willing to deliver products that meet specific customer needs. Pyronix has a great attention to customer service, which is just the sort of thing we look for from our suppliers.
Alan Gover - Operations Director (September 2011)
Select Security Systems (UK) Limited, Sherburn in Elmet
My company has been installing the same range of panels for some years now and we thought we would never change manufacturer as we were very happy.

Well, after trying the new Enforcer wireless system I can honestly say we will never go back to the old system - never thought I would ever say that!

It seems that every issue we had on the system we were previously using has been answered by the new Enforcer system.

Below are just a few of the pointers where the enforcer wins hands down.

1. Door contacts look nicer without having the screw fixing visible
2. Door contact magnets are just outstanding in their range, 18 inches! WOW
3. The easy to learn detectors with signal strength built into each detector makes installation quicker.
4. Instant arming of detectors. This was a big problem with our old system as they go to sleep for ages as do most wireless detectors.
5. Nice blue LED\'s
6. Nice loud wireless external Deltabell, which also matches our wired bells which is a bonus.
7. Fobs with status LED\'s. Customers love the setting fobs.
8. Text dialler (modem) built into the kit.
9. 2 zones in the wireless panel which can take wired zones (unlike our old system).
10. Same functions and programming as the rest of the Castle range.
11. Pyronix Tech Support is just outstanding.
12. Price! I have worked out the cost and from the savings that I am making I can afford to pay an extra engineer a week! This is big savings.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the message.

Thank you for getting us onto the Pyronix and Castle range.............we have never looked back.
Paul Tchaikovsky - Managing Director (December 2011)
SJM Technology, Dublin
From a programming and installation point of view the Enforcer wireless System is the best wireless product currently on the market.

The product is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Mark McCurk - Managing Director (November 2011)
ViS Security Solutions, Belfast
We changed over to the Pyronix KX15DT-AM detector over three years ago, the decision to change has proven to be the right one. We have found the KX15DT-AM to be an excellent product with respect to build quality, performance and reliability.

Since the changeover to the Pyronix KX15DT-AM we have found our return rates have reduced to practically zero, a benefit not only to us but, more importantly, to our customers as well.
Stephen Jeffrey - Contracts Manager (March 2011)
Tribune AVS
Just a quick note to say thank you for introducing “Tribune” to the “Enforcer” wireless range.
Our engineer’s all think that it is the best wireless equipment that they have ever used.
I believe we were one of the first to use this range even though I never like to be the “Guinea Pig” for new products.
You were right to persuade me to give it a chance – we are no longer using Visonic.

Many thanks Mark.
Ross Burgess - October 2012
Walker Fire & Security Ltd, Cumbria
The detection system installed on this site (Edwards Menswear, Penrith, Cumbria) is a mixture of Pyronix KX15DQ and KX15DT. The External Sounder on site being a Pyronix Deltabell X with light box.
With regards to Pyronix detectors, we have used them for over 2 years now. I can’t recall the last time we had a false alarm from a KX detector. Again a very reliable product and we would happily recommend Pyronix to any installer or customer.
Peter Walker - Owner (August 2011)
“Your (Sam Griffiths) advice from shifting away from our previous wireless system provider to the Enforcer has been one of the best pieces of advice my company have been given. The installation of the system and the set up make the turnaround so much quicker, increasing profability and time management for my staff.

The customer support is brilliant from both yourself and the Pyronix team. Long may this relationship continue”
Asim Rasheed
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