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TMD15 (Grade 3)

Digital Dual Technology and Combined Non-overlapping, with Anti-Mask, PIR and Microwave Detection

  • 2 Dual element pyro-Electric sensors
  • 1 X-band DRO based microwave
  • 15m PIR detection range
  • 1 - 15m adjustable microwave detection
  • Anti-masking detection
  • 0-1m Adjustable mask detection
  • Separate relay outputs for each detector
  • Selectable EOL (End Of Line) resistors
  • Selectable TMD or TriCover
  • Anti blocking technology
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • 3 Microwave frequency bands
Product Features
Volumetric coverage15m Volumetric coverage in both lenses. Ideal for hostile environments.
3 Independent relaysDual technology, PIR and mask relays
TMD (sequential confirmation) Mode2 Independent detectors in 1 housing with non-overlapping fields of view and separate relay outputs provide a simple solution to sequential confirmation.
Anti-masking detectionIdeal in high security environments where there may be a significant risk of masking. An area immediately in front of the detector is monitored continuously and separately from its normal mode. Any intrusion into this quiet area activates the anti-masking process. It also has separate mask and trouble output.
Auto sensitivity featureDepending on the environment condition, the detector will automatically adjust the sensitivity
Selectable EOL resistorsThe detectors incorporates selectable alarm resistor values of 6K8, 5K6, 4K7 &1K & tamper values of 5K6, 4K7, 2K2 and 1K catering for most control panels on the market.
Patented Independent Floating Thresholds (IFT)This technology patented by Pyronix allows the detector to respond to the environmental changes by automatically adjusting its levels of immunity to background disturbances.
Anti blocking technologyProvides blocking detection up to 15m in disarmed mode, for example, if the field of view is blocked when the system is being armed, arming will not be possible until the blockage has been removed.
Digital Temperature CompensationWhen the product is used in a hot environment this technology digitally adjusts the detector’s sensitivity allowing it to maintain its range even when the background room temperature is almost equal to the external body temperature of 32ÂșC (internal body temperature = 37ÂșC)
Tricover modeTriple coverage ensures that an alarm will not occur unless all 3 detector fields are activated in a particular sequence. Offers unparalleled stability in the elimination of false alarm activations.
Quad LED indicationProvides indication of all technologies and detectors
Lens Coverage
TMD 15

TMD 15

Technical Specification
Operating voltage9-16VDC (12V nominal)
Current consumption - no alarm24mA
Current consumption - alarm28mA
RelaySolid state
Relay output60VDC, 50mA Protected
Tamper switch12V max, 50mA max
RFI immunity to continuous wave (CW) 80-2700MHz10 V/m
RFI immunity to amplitude modulation (AM) 80-2700MHz10 V/m
RFI immunity to pulse modulation (PM) 80-2700MHz10 V/m
DTI approved frequenices10.680, 10.587, 10.695GHz
FCC approved frequencies10.515, 10.525, 10.535GHz
PIT approved frequencies9.87, 9.90, 9.91GHz

Alarm period of2.5 seconds
Detection speed0.2 - 3m/s
Operating temperature-30
Storage temperature-40

White light filter6500 Lux
LensFresnel array
ProtectionUltraviolet Light Filter

Optimum coverage height1.8-2.4m

COMPLIANCE (click image to download certificate)
EN Europe 
Min Pack10
Warranty5 years
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