2 Non-Overlapping Detectors in 1

Sequential Confirmation

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Designed from the ground up to give installers innovative and unique Sequential Confirmation in one housing, the TMD15™ provides outstanding detection performance with optimum reliability while meeting industry regulations.

TMD 15 Box

The TMD 15™ is a unique product boasting 2 non-overlapping detectors; a PIR and a dual technology in 1 robust housing. Based on Pyronix’ tried and tested patented technologies which has been proven over the last 20 years coupled with innovative features, the TMD 15™ is ideal for use on new systems or for retro fits upgrading to PD6662 / EN50131-1 Grade 3.

15m Volumetric PIRs

5-15m Adjustable Microwave

Ability to operate as TMD (Two Movement Detectors) or TriCover™

Interdigitated fields of view (Patent pending)

Unique Patented Anti Masking detection

Ability to detect masking of either PIR or Microwave

Anti Block technology (patent pending)

Selectable EOL (End of Line) Resistors

4 LED indications

Low power consumption