Deltabell Plus

Características del producto
  • (English) Backlit illuminated external sounder

  • (English) Polycarbonate weather proof base

  • (English) Excellent deterrent

  • (English) LED low power strobe

  • (English) Superior tamper protection

(English) Around-the-clock deterrent

(English) The Deltabell Plus features a fully backlit sounder with illuminated cover which is activated at night to provide an around-the-clock visual deterrent, with a choice of colours for both bases and covers.

(English) Combined audible and visual alarm

(English) The Deltabell Plus backlit sounder produces a loud siren and strobe to alert neighbours of any intrusion into your property.

(English) Tamper protection

(English) The Deltabell Plus’ tamper proof design means that if the cover, base or power are altered the alarm will be triggered.

(English) Enhanced weather protection

(English) Made with waterproof polycarbonate plastics, the Deltabell Plus illuminated sounder has extra protection around the electronics for excellent performance whatever the weather.

(English) Protected day and night

(English) The patented backlit design allows your security sounder to be visible day and night. Clear plastic covers and base allow additional light to shine through, whilst the white cover variant provides even more visibility.

With a number of engineer friendly features, the Deltabell Plus illuminated sounder is the perfect choice. The unique levelling mechanism and modular components now make simple sounder installation a reality for you.

(English) Easy to install

(English) With a built in spirit level and guide holes, the Deltabell Plus external sounder is quick and easy to install.

(English) Engineer hold off

(English) When you are in the Engineers Menu the illuminated sounder automatically disables so that you can work on it without the fear of triggering the alarm.



EN50131-4:2009 | EN50130-4:2011 PD6662:2010


(English) Sounders technical characteristics

(English) Loudness

104 dB(A)

(English) Sound and light indication on alarm

(English) Yes

(English) Engineer hold off

(English) Yes

(English) Number of Piezos

(English) 1

(English) Flashing LED

(English) Yes

(English) Comfort LED

(English) Yes

(English) Back-lit

(English) Yes

(English) Tamper protection

(English) Yes

(English) Strobe duration and frequency

(English) 10mS, 1Hz

(English) Sounder maximum duration

15 mins

(English) SAC (self actuating bell) / SAB (self activating bell) option

(English) Yes

(English) Self levelling

(English) Yes

(English) Environmental and operating features

(English) Certified operating temperature

(English) -25°C to 60°C

(English) Nominal operating temperature

(English) -30°C to 60°C

(English) Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

(English) 290 x 285 x 50mm

(English) Electrical & battery

(English) Battery type

(English) NiMH 7.2V, 250mAh

(English) Battery life

(English) 2 - 5 years

(English) Operating voltage


(English) Alarm current

(English) <300mA

(English) Quiescent current consumption

(English) <60mA

(English) Certifications and warranty

(English) Security Grade

(English) Grade 2 and 3

(English) Environmental class


(English) EN Certificate

(English) EN50131-1

(English) Certification type

(English) Self Certified

(English) Electrical conformity


(English) Warranty

(English) 2 Years

Códigos de productos y opciones

(English) Deltabell Amber Base
(English) Deltabell Black Dummy Base
(English) Deltabell Blue Dummy Base
(English) Deltabell Green Dummy Base
(English) Deltabell Red Dummy Base
(English) Deltabell White Dummy Base
(English) Black Deltabell Cover
(English) Blue Deltabell Cover
(English) Chrome Deltabell Cover
(English) Red Deltabell Cover
(English) White Deltabell Cover
(English) Yellow Deltabell Cover

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