Product Features
  • Tri-signal detection logic
  • Vegetation sway elimination
  • Tri-anti masking technology
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • 3 Microwave frequency bands
  • Built In walk test buzzer
  • Weatherproof sealed optics
  • Heavy duty ultra violet filter
  • 10m volumetric coverage
  • Optional Heavy Duty Wall Bracket

Panel Type: Domestic & Commercial




The XD10TTAM is a high security outdoor detector from Pyronix, combining established and patented technologies such as Tri-Digital Detection Signal Processing and Tri-Anti-Mask Technology which have been adapted to enhance its performance in extreme outdoor conditions.

10m Volumetric coverage

10m Volumetric coverage in both lenses. Ideal for hostile environments.

Tri Detection Range

The range of XD is determined by the combined range of the three detection technologies it uses that are two PIR sensors and one microwave detector. For best performance in outdoor conditions the Tri Detection range is specified between 10m to 13m depending on the lens fitted to the PIR detectors.

  • 2.4m Installation Mode (Lens 5, 10m range): In this mode the detector is installed at height of 2.4m providing volumetric coverage of the area and animal immunity of up to 10kg. This is the factory default configuration where the detector is fitted with Lens 5.
  • 1.5m Installation Mode (Lens 3, 13m range): In this mode the detector is installed at an height of 1.5m providing horizontal curtain coverage of the area and animal immunity of up to 25kg. This is an alternative configuration where the detector is fitted with the supplied Lens 3.

Tri Signal Detection Logic

The detection of human presence is based on the advanced analysis of the activation sequence of the microwave movement sensor and the two independent digital PIR sensors. All three sensors have to activate at the same time in a particular time window to crate an alarm. Using tri signal detection logic enhances the detector’s immunity to environmental disturbances.

Vegetation Sway Elimination

Filter Swaying vegetation in windy weather conditions can cause false alarms. The XD’s Vegetation Sway Elimination Filter is designed to protect against false alarm activations in those conditions.

Tri Anti Masking Technology

Pyronix’ PATENTED anti-masking technology offers the masking protection for both PIR and the microwave detectors. A protrective anti-mask bubble is created in front of the detector. It is adjustable from 0 to 1m. Once the protective bubble has been breached and any technology is masked with substances like paper, sprays, lacquers, sellotape, cardboard boxes, etc. the XD will go into an anti mask condition activating a dedicated anti mask relay.

Digital Temperature Compensation

The XD detector will digitally adjust itself to maintain detection range in hot and humid environments where the environmental temperature becomes similar to the external body temperature (equivalent of 37C).

Heavy Duty Ultra Violet Filter

Ultra violet light is always present in our environment. It is particularly strong at high altitude and sea side. The exposure to such high radiation reduces performance and can fully blind the PIR lenses. Therefore the XD lenses are manufactured to high standards and coated with a heavy duty ultra violet filter to ensure their protection from UV radiation.

Microwave Frequencies Bands

The XD is supplied with three different frequency bands. Each of them is indicated with a different colour label. This feature allows the installation of multiple detectors in close proximity without the danger of frequency interference.

Built in Walk Test Buzzer

It could be difficult to see the alarm LEDs of the detector from a distance due to bright sunlight. To enable the installer to perform an easy and quick walk test during the installation process as well as audible indication of a presence in the detection area (if required) the XD is equipped with a built in buzzer. This will create a buzzing noise to indicate an alarm activation. The buzzer can be disabled if it is not required.

Weatherproof Sealed Optics

The lens collet is designed to firmly hold the lens in place and create a stable environmental chamber between it and the PIR sensor. The rubber gasket on the lens and the foam gasket on the PIR sensor are used as a further sealant against all weather conditions and humidity. In addition the sealed PIR sensor chamber protects the PIR sensors from possible insect infestation and internal air movement.

Optional Heavy Duty Bracket

The optional heavy duty tamper proof bracket consists of a cable through feature for easy installation and added security as the wires are hidden away within the bracket. It moves 45o left and right allowing a total area coverage of up to 90o when two detectors are installed next to each other. If for any reasons the wire can not be hidden in the bracket there is the possibility to install a conduit to protect the cables.

Lens Diagrams



EN50131-1:2006+A1:2009 | EN 50131-2-4: 2008 | PD6662:2010

Certificate Downloads:

CE Declaration of Conformity - PYR006 - TMD & XD Range

Technical Specifications

Detectors technical characteristics

Automatic sensitivity
Set sensitivity
Auto or high
Digital temperature compensation
DEOL resistor on board
Tamper protection
Front and rear
Intergrated walk test buzzer
Separate LED indication
Microwave, infrared and alarm
3 microwave frequencies to avoid interference
Digital independent floating threshold (IFT) technology
Anti-sway analytics

Optical, lens and detection characteristics

Maximum range
10m (13m with curtain lens)
Volumetric coverage
Curtain coverage
Animal immunity
Tri technology
2 infrared and 1 microwave
Detection speed
0.25 - 2.5m/s
Coverage angle
90 degree (142 degree with curtain lens)
Detection zones
78 (24 with curtain lens)
Detection planes
5 (1 with curtain lens)
Adjustable antimasking (antispray)
Ultraviolet light filter
2 x Lens 5 volumetric lens (UV Compensated)
Sealed optics
Detection method
2 low noise dual element passive infrared sensors and a microwave doppler unit
Anti blocking technology


Wall mounted
Yes - additional wall and fixed brackets available separately
Optimum coverage height
Certified mounting height

Environmental and operating features

Storage temperature
-40°C to +80°C
Nominal operating temperature
-30°C to +70°C
Physical dimensions (H x W x D)
188 x 84 x 77mm

Electrical & battery

Operating voltage
9-16VDC, 13.8VDC typically
Quiescent current consumption
24mA @ 13.8VDC
Relay outputs
3 x SELV limits, 60VDC 50mA (42.4VAC peak)
Tamper switch
12VDC 50mA both front and rear

Certifications and warranty

Electrical conformity
Certification type
Self certified
Environmental class
5 years
Security Grade
Grade 3

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