Product Features
  • Up / downloading software

  • Provides a complete way of monitoring events reported from a panel to a central receiving station

  • Networkable with an unlimited number of operators

MX-MON Connected to Digital Receiver

The MX-MON software can be used with any digital receiver using Silent Knight and Surgard automation protocols. MX-MON can receive Contact ID, 4+2 DTMF, Pulse communication protocols, SIA DCS and Fast Format.

MX-MON Connected to the Pyronix IP Server Software

The MX-MON software can be connected to the PIP server. The MX-MON can be connected to the Automation Server Module of the PIP server in two ways; either by enabling a link over the Internet or via the PC server Com Port. The advantage of connecting via the Internet is that it would allow the ARC to have the MX-MON on a different location than the PIP server location.

MX-MON Connected to a Voice Modem

The MX-MON software is also compatible with a voice modem which can be installed on a PC used as a receiver. Up to 2 modems can be operated per PC. This solution enables a cost-effective start up of ARC or technical alarms monitoring. In this case the MX-MON can receive Pyronix PC protocol that is in-house designed communication format which is able to report the same events as Contact ID. The Pyronix PC protocol is available in all Matrix panels.

MX-MON Connected to the MX-485 Network

In conjunction with the MX-485 network, the MX-MON software presents a cost effective solution for local alarm monitoring. This solution is ideal for use in apartment, office blocks and shopping malls.

Language Packs

MX-MON Language packs in Chinese, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai are available from the downloads tab. Install these in the language folder of the install usually located in c:program filespyronix mxmon softwarefileslangs

Communications and modems


Contact ID, 4+2 DTMF, Pulse communication protocols, SIA DCS and Fast Format

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