Save money on perimeter protection – LightCamera promotion


That’s right, we’re extending our LightCamera promotion!

You now have until June to purchase the LightCamera from your local distributor for a special offer price.

Integrating smoothly with our Enforcer V11 system, the LightCamera is a great addition to your home security offering; and an even better choice for your customers with two-way talk, ultra-bright lights and Full-HD video.

For more information on this offer, please reach out to your local Account Manager.

Alternatively, you can speak directly with your Pyronix distributor.


The Perfect Addition

As demand for video-enabled security solutions continues to grow across the UK and Ireland, the LightCamera is a perfect addition to your home security product range. Not only does the LightCamera add value from the outset of any installation, it also offers great opportunity for increasing your profits through upselling on maintenance visits at existing estates, maximising your time and resources when it counts.

In addition, where competing products charge annual subscription fees to record video clips, the LightCamera is subscription free! Using either a MicroSD and/or local Visual Surveillance NVR, your customers have the ability to record video clips without having to pay extra.

A standalone security solution

Whether an alarm system is fitted or not, the LightCamera can be added to any property; enabling remote monitoring from any device via our ProControl+ app (HomeControl2.0 compatibility coming soon).

Once installed, your customers have the ability to interact too; triggering the in-built siren, speaking through two-way talk, taking screenshots and even saving video clips.

Powerful dual lights will illuminate the property as the owners return home, or put potential intruders in the spotlight, while its in-built 270 degree omnidirectional PIR sensor provides constant protection with invisible infrared light, delivering crisp Full-HD coverage of outdoor spaces up to 18m day and night. It is also capable of withstanding severe outdoor conditions, so your customers have a solution they can depend on with an IP65 weatherproof rating.

Extending the value with total integration

With a LightCamera and an Enforcer V11 alarm system fitted in a property, the value you can deliver to both your business and your customer increases exponentially.

The Enforcer V11 is not only the most advanced Pyronix system released to date; with Wi-Fi communications built on-board its main PCB, enhanced installation, selectable supervision per zone and much more; it also brings compatibility with the AndroidTablet, HomeControlHUB app, SmartPlug, SPEAKER/SOUNDER-WE, and LightCamera.

With the addition of our XDL12TT-WE outdoor wireless detectors and MCEXTERNAL-WE outdoor wireless magnetic contacts, system users can receive alerts with a voice push notification via the HomeControl2.0 smart device app on their smartphone.

Once notified, the user can then grab their AndroidTablet and open HomeControlHUB to see exactly what’s happening and take proactive action with the LightCamera; illuminating the area, speaking via two-way talk to inform an intruder that they’ve been spotted and are being recorded, or even to direct a delivery. If required, the user can use the interface to activate the siren or use the SmartPlug to turn on lights inside the property.



Simple professional installation

Fitting the LightCamera is very simple. All it requires is a 230v AC mains electrical supply, a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and a compatible smart device. If replacing an existing floodlight, it’s even easier; simply replace and occupy the existing floodlight space.

To help you hit the ground running, we have a dedicated LightCamera installation training video, which can be viewed on our HomeControlHUB app on the Training On-Demand platform.

The cover of darkness provides intruders with more opportunities to approach properties undetected. We know that perimeter protection is the most effective way of detecting and preventing intrusion, so make sure your customers are covered with the LightCamera.

For more information on this offer, please reach out to your local Account Manager. Alternatively, you can speak directly with your Pyronix distributor