Smart Device Applications

Offer a total wireless solution for complete peace of mind with our new Wi-Fi camera range and ProControl+ smart device application


For Apple

Click here to be directed to the ProControl+ application in the Apple App Store.

For Android

Click here to be directed to the ProControl+ application in the Google Play Store.


ProControl+ connectivity to either Enforcer V10 or EURO 46 V10 security control panels requires a PyronixCloud subscription

PyronixCloud is a yearly subscription service and charges do apply. For more information please contact your installer.


Use of ProControl+

Please note that you will need to create a separate login in order to use ProControl+, from within the app itself – you cannot log into ProControl+ with your PyronixCloud account login details. You may have other users using ProControl+ who you do not wish to give your PyronixCloud account login details to, therefore these cannot be used to directly log into the app.



Click here to view a step-by-step video which shows how to add our new Wi-Fi cameras to the ProControl+ application.

Click here to view and download the combined Quick Start and User Guide for the ProControl+ application.

Wi-Fi Cameras Video Tutorial

Click to view

ProControl+ Features

With a simple and easy-to-use user interface, ProControl+ makes it easier than ever before to switch from control panels to cameras, for quick video verification.

View and control everything on your alarm systems from one place. Set, unset, omit inputs, trigger outputs and more.

View all the video inputs on your recording device with a simple tap.

Quick views of cameras can be previewed in seconds on the home screen, ensuring the correct camera is selected before enlarging.

Observe numerous cameras at once with the choice of 4, 9, 12 and 16 split-screen options.