EURO Mini Prox

Product Features
  • Proximity Tag Enabled

  • 4 Arm modes (4 Partition version optional)

  • 700 event memory log

  • Intelligent Arming

  • 30 User Codes

  • 10 EoL Inputs or 9 Double Pole

  • Up to 4 Full English Text Keypads

  • Grade 2x

  • 4 Programmable Outputs including Speaker Output


The EURO Mini Prox is the EURO ranges’ entry level panel, designed to meet all the requirements of EN50131-3 and is suitable for use in systems designed to comply with PD6662:2017 at Grade 2x.

Proximity tags

The EURO Mini Prox supports proximity tags as well as the conventional pin code for quick and simple setting and unsetting of the system.

10 fully programmable inputs

10 inputs available in EoL mode (or 9 double pole inputs + 1 tamper input) programmable as ten different types including pulsed and latched keyswitches.

4 setting modes

4 different home and away combinations can be programmed.

700 event memory log

Record up to 700 events in memory, all time and date stamped.

Intelligent Set

This involves the EURO panel automatically recognising home and away modes. It operates by recognising if a user has walked out of the main entrance for a ‘full’ set or walked upstairs for a ‘part’ set.

User codes

Maximum number of user codes (30 [including pin codes and prox tags]).

Wireless Flexibility

With a host of wired accessories and now using the UR2-WE, the Enforcer two-way wireless detectors and sensors, the EURO Mini Prox offers maximum flexibility, ensuring that each EURO Mini system can be individually tailored to the required application.

EN50131-3:2009 | EN50131-1:2006+A1:2009 | EN 50131-6: 2008 | PD6662:2017

Control panel technical characteristics

Two-way wireless technology

Using the UR2-WE

Part sets


Tamper protection

Case tamper

LCD keypad with intergrated prox reader

LCD Keypad with Prox

User codes and prox tags


System logs


Inputs & outputs

Input type

Wired and | wireless (with UR2-WE)

Two-way wireless inputs

10 per channel, 2 (each can support either keyfobs or detectors, not mixture)

Onboard wired inputs


Wired EOL inputs

10 DEOL on end station

Wired double pole inputs

9 DP on end station with global tamper

Two-way wireless keyfobs

6 per channel, 2 (each can support either keyfobs or detectors, not mixture)

Wired keypads

Max 4

Readers and entry control

Max 3

Environmental and operating features

Storage temperature

-20C to +60C

Nominal operating temperature

-20C to +60C

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

250 x 297 x 82mm


3.07 kg

Electrical & battery

Intergrated power supply

1A Regulated

Battery supply protection

Reverse polarity protected

Internal battery charger

800mA continous, 13.68V nominal (fold-back current limited)

Operating voltage

18VAC Nominal (+-20%), 50Hz (+-10%) | 12VDC Nominal (10-15 Volt DC Range)

Quiescent current consumption


Fuse (battery)

1.6A Slow Blow, 20mm

Fuse (12v outlets)

800mA Quick Blow

Fuse (mains)

315mA Anti-Surge, 20mm

Certifications and warranty

Security Grade

1 or 2

Environmental class


EN Certificate

EN50131-3:2009 | EN50131-1:2006+A1:2009 |PD6662:2017

Electrical conformity



2 years

Product Codes & Options

Euro Mini Control Panel and Keypad
SAP: 361300204

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