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Espaçador para Shock-WE


(English) Allowing for adjustment of both device and magnet, these spacers provide extra height where required during installation.

Key Features
  • Consiga vários tipos de altura para o sensor ou o ímã para se adaptar às exigências da instalação
  • Disponível em branco ou marrom
  • (English) Tamper proof

Product Features

(English) Flexible Installation

(English) With the ability to vary the height of sensor and magnet, the MC1/Shock-WE can be adapted to suit contrasting locations

(English) NEW Anthracite grey plastic kit now available 

(English) Modernise your product offerings with the brand-new anthracite grey plastics. Listening to your feedback, we’re really pleased to add the new plastic kit to the range; matching the colour of door and window frames used in modern new builds. Now, you can choose from white, brown and anthracite grey to perfectly complement your customer properties.

Códigos e opções de produtos

(English) Spacers for MC1/Shock-WE - White
(English) Spacers for MC1/Shock-WE - Anthracite
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Espaçador para Shock-WE
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