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(English) Deltabell Lids are provided separately to give installers the opportunity to choose a colour and customise with business branding for complete uniformity.

Key Features
  • (English) External sounder lids
  • (English) Six colours to choose from
  • (English) Robust polycarbonate plastics

Product Features

(English) Pick the colour that suits your business for complete uniformity.

(English) Robust polycarbonate plastics protect against varying weather conditions.


(English) Chrome Deltabell Lid
(English) FPDELTA-CC
SAP: 361300153
(English) Black Deltabell Lid
SAP: 361300154
(English) Blue Deltabell Lid
(English) FPDELTA-CB
SAP: 361300152
(English) Red Deltabell Lid
(English) FPDELTA-CR
SAP: 361300151
(English) White Deltabell Lid
(English) FPDELTA-CW
SAP: 361300050
(English) Yellow Deltabell Lid
(English) FPDELTA-CY
SAP: 361300150
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