UR2-WE 双向无线通用接收器

  • 通过一个可撤防/布防输出可将Enforcer双向无线设备连接到所有品牌的有线报警主机。

  • (English) Dual-frequency

  • (English) HUD/MED-WE compatibility

  • (English) Low battery consumption

  • (English) Walk test mode and active input indication

  • (English) One-Push-To-Learn

  • (English) Signal Strength Indicators (SSI)

  • (English) Instant Two-Way Device Control (ITDC)

Adding Pyronix two-way wireless devices to any property

(English) The UR2-WE wireless expander enables you to add Pyronix two-way wireless devices to any brand of wired control panel with an arm/disarm output.

Now with dual frequency for jamming protection, fail-safe fault relay and HUD/MED-WE compatibility, whether you’re expanding or upselling an existing system, or installing a completely new one, the UR2-WE delivers the ultimate hybrid flexibility.

Add a HUD/MED-WE to the UR2-WE*

(English) Supporting the HUD/MED-WE, should the UR2-WE receive a HUD activation, its alarm relay will open, while its seven segment display highlights the respective number of the activated input. Up to 20 HUD/MED-WE devices can be added and they can be learned to the same relay alarm output as any Enforcer wireless device.

Add Enforcer two-way wireless devices to any brand of control panel

(English) Offering the ultimate installation flexibility, the UR2-WE enables Pyronix’ multi-award-winning two-way wireless devices to be added to any brand of wired control panel with an arm/disarm output. Whatever the requirement, the UR2-WE delivers.

Provide the ideal coverage by adding up to 20 devices

(English) The UR2-WE has two wireless channels, each of which can learn up to 10 devices and six wireless keyfobs. Each wireless channel can either support devices or keyfobs, but not a combination of the two. Therefore, add up to 20 devices or 12 keyfobs to the installation.

Dual frequency for jamming prevention

(English) Supporting two wireless channels, should all the learned wireless devices be working on wireless channel 1 and the UR2-WE detect a wireless jamming signal, it will switch all its devices over to wireless channel 2. This prevents the learned devices from being jammed and maintains performance.

If the UR2-WE loses power, the panel will be notified

(English) The UR2-WE has a fail-safe fault relay feature. When this is wired to an input of the control panel, should the UR2-WE lose power, the fault relay will open and notify the control panel of the power loss fault, so that action can be taken and security maintained.

Easy walk test mode

(English) You can easily test the devices that have been learnt to the system via the UR2-WE before leaving the site to make sure they are fully functional.

Active input indication

(English) The segment display on the UR2-WE will show the number of inputs that have been activated during a set cycle on the panel.

Beat the burglar with tamper protection

(English) This ensures that maximum security is maintained against accidental or malicious tampering of the system; providing that added peace of mind that the system is secure.

Two-way wireless

(English) Enforcer two-way wireless technology offers a highly secure and reliable wireless system, using 128-bit wireless protocol encryption and advanced jamming detection. Each Enforcer wireless device is both a transmitter and a receiver.


(English) A feature in all Enforcer wireless devices that means learning them onto the system can be done in seconds. A simple one button learning feature for easy installation.

Signal Strength Indicators (SSI)

(English) SSI in all Enforcer wireless devices allow them to be optimally positioned during installation, without the need to refer back to the panel.

Instant Two-Way Device Control (ITDC)

(English) This enables the instant wake up and instant sleep of each Enforcer wireless device on the system to preserve battery power and operability, while maintaining security.

(English) *Please note: The HUD/MED-WE is only compatible with UR2-WE software versions V4.03 and above.

** Please note: All peripherals must be dual frequency in order for the UR2-WE to switch frequency in the event of jamming.










(English) System arm / disarm input

(English) 1




(English) Power supply

(English) 9-15VDC

(English) Current consumption min / max

(English) 80mA/400mA

(English) Relay x 3

(English) 3A @ 30VDC

(English) Other technical specifications

(English) Operating temperature

(English) -10°C to +50°C

(English) Dimensions (W x H x D)

(English) 173 x 125 x 32mm

(English) ** Please note: All peripherals must be dual frequency in order for the UR2-WE to switch frequency in the event of jamming.


Two-Way Wireless Universal Receiver


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