(English) Twin Alert Internal Sounder

Características del producto
  • (English) Tamper protection

  • (English) 100dB loudness

  • (English) Engineer hold off

  • (English) Compatible with any panel featuring a speaker output

(English) Sounders technical characteristics

(English) Loudness

(English) 100dB @ 1m

(English) Engineer hold off

(English) No

(English) Number of Piezos


(English) Tamper protection

(English) Yes

(English) For internal use

(English) Yes

(English) Environmental and operating features

(English) Storage temperature

(English) -20C to +60C

(English) Certified operating temperature

(English) -10C to +40C

(English) Nominal operating temperature

(English) -10C to +40C

(English) Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

90 x 90 x 46mm

(English) Weight


(English) Electrical & battery

(English) Operating voltage

9-14.5V (13.5V nominal)

(English) Alarm current


(English) Quiescent current consumption

30mA 12V

(English) Certifications and warranty

(English) Security Grade

(English) Grade 2

(English) Environmental class


(English) EN Certificate

EN50131-4:2009, EN50131-1:2006+A1:2009, PD6662:2010

(English) Certification type

(English) Self certified

(English) Electrical conformity


(English) Warranty

(English) 2 years

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