Entretoise pour Shock-WE

Caractéristiques du produit
  • Apporte des hauteurs variables à un capteur ou à un contact magnétique pour satisfaire les besoins d’installation

  • Disponible en blanc ou marron

(English) Flexible Installation

(English) With the ability to vary the height of sensor and magnet, the MC1/Shock-WE can be adapted to suit contrasting locations

(English) NEW Anthracite grey plastic kit now available 

(English) Modernise your product offerings with the brand-new anthracite grey plastics. Listening to your feedback, we’re really pleased to add the new plastic kit to the range; matching the colour of door and window frames used in modern new builds. Now, you can choose from white, brown and anthracite grey to perfectly complement your customer properties.

Codes produits et options

(English) Spacers for MC1/Shock-WE - White
(English) Spacers for MC1/Shock-WE - Anthracite

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