Product Spotlight: Volumetric Detection

A detection solution for every installation

Whether the user wants to walk around while the alarm is armed, or if the environment fluctuates, Pyronix has the solution.

We know that installations can present many challenges to providing the ideal security solution. Such challenges can be securing rooms with changing environmental conditions. For example, fluctuating temperatures can generate false alarms for many detectors on the market, which can be very irritating for the user.

So, what’s the solution? Install the KX15DD. With its dual element pyro-electric sensor and Blue Wave Technology (BWT), the detector monitors the environment where it is fitted and adjusts its sensitivity to changing levels in infra-red energy and background temperature. This enables it to maintain optimum performance, while reducing the risk of false alarms.

This detector also comes with a wealth of benefits, including selectable EOL resistors to cater for most control panels on the market, tamper-proof brackets and ABS plastics for a sleek and uniform finish.

With 15m volumetric coverage, this is the ideal detector for large rooms and office spaces, to provide superior protection with minimal risk of false alarms.

If the environment is not the challenge and it is the user, who wants the freedom to walk around the property while the system is armed, without triggering an alarm; Pyronix also has the solution.

Install the BG16DF break glass detector, which depends on the flexing or shattering of glass to trigger an alarm instead of movement. Therefore conservatories, rooms with large windows and outhouses can be covered while the system is armed, without any movement triggering an alarm.

The BG16DF filters any unwanted noise so that it is solely focused on the frequencies of shattering or flexing glass for reliable detection up to 8m. If installing it directly opposite to the glass is an issue, the detectors omni-directional sensor enables it to be located in a convenient location for maximum installation convenience.