End User FAQs

General Questions

  • What products does Pyronix offer?

    Pyronix designs and manufactures a wide range of award-winning security products, from dual technology motion detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to sounders, control panels and HD IP cameras. Our range is comprehensive and covers perimeter protection, intrusion and safety products.  Please browse our Products & Solutions pages for more information.

Maintenance and Support

  • Can I set my alarm system at night?

    All Euro and Enforcer panels are capable of being set using various partition configurations. In its simplest form this will allow a daytime (full) set and a night-time (part) set mode.

  • Can I be notified when my system is set or unset?

    Most panels are capable of sending text messages and if programmed correctly they can send a message when the system is set and/or unset. This can be done either by a standard PSTN telephone line or a GSM modem with compatible panels. Please note however that call charges will apply depending on the method used to send messages.

    For maximum convenience, the Pyronix ProControl+ app brings complete security, control and peace of mind to the palm of your hand.

    When linked to the Enforcer V10 panel via the PyronixCloud, the app allows you to control and monitor your entire security system from anywhere in the world, with all the benefits of our multi-award winning two-way wireless solutions.

    ProControl+ allows you to:

    • Set and unset your system
    • Check sensor status in real time
    • Receive push notifications
    • See event history
    • View live streams from the cameras

    Available on iOS and Android.

  • How do I silence alarms?

    Enter a valid user code or present a valid tag at the keypad and this should be acknowledged and silence any alarm present. Ensure you make a note of the display to determine the cause of the alarm. The alarm may also be silenced by presenting a valid tag at a tag reader.

  • How long do batteries last in Enforcer wireless devices?

    Under normal circumstances batteries in all current Pyronix devices should last up to two years. However, the battery in the Mk1 Shock Sensor (legacy product) can last for up to one year.

    Please note that excessive use or poor signal strength may adversely affect battery life.

  • How long does the external alarm sounder ring for? Do I really need one?

    An external sounder must switch off after ringing for a maximum of 15 minutes to comply with UK noise pollution laws. On some systems it may not be a requirement to fit an external sounder, however check with your insurance company first.

  • I have pets – will the system still work?

    Pets are likely to activate standard movement detectors, however, pet tolerant detectors can be fitted that will ignore animals below approximately 24kg in weight. Please note, siting and configuration of pet tolerant devices is critical to obtain the best results.

  • What happens in the event of a power cut?

    In the event of power failure, the internal battery located within the end station will take over until power is restored. The battery should last for around 12 hours (depending on the grade of system) and will recharge when mains power is restored.

ProControl+ and PyronixCloud

  • How do I renew my PyronixCloud subscription?

    Log into your PyronixCloud account at www.pyronixcloud.com.

    Once logged in you will see a list of panels registered to your account.

    Select the panel that you wish to renew the subscription by clicking the System ID of the panel in the ‘System ID column’ (if you only have one system registered to your account, you will see its details without selecting it from a list).

    To renew the subscription, click the renew subscription icon.

    No further action is required unless you need to update your payment details in which case you should cancel the subscription by clicking the ‘Cancel Subscription button’ then re-subscribe using new payment details.

    Click the ‘Pay Now button’ and you will be redirected to PayPal. Follow the prompts to make your payment.

    Please note: If recurring payments have previously been set up payments will be taken automatically and no action is required.

    If your payment has failed, perhaps because your payment method has expired, you will be asked to update your payment details. Alternatively you can cancel your subscription then immediately re-subscribe using the method above.

  • Why am I not receiving push notifications?

    Issues like this are often due to a setting on the smart device. Ensure notification options for ProControl+ are enabled, the smart device is not in silent mode and any variations of ‘do not disturb’ are disabled. Android phones must have ProControl+ running in the background and power saving modes must be checked to confirm that these will not prevent push notifications from ProControl+. With iOS devices, disable ProControl+ from the Apple Watch App (if you have one) as it is not compatible with Apple Watch.

    Notifications will not be received whilst connected to the control panel so ensure you disconnect and clear the App from the screen. Finally, ensure that the correct notification categories are enabled for each device on the PyronixCloud account.

  • Why can’t I register the panel to my PyronixCloud account?

    A system must first be polling the PyronixCloud before it can be registered; this means the communications module must be correctly configured.

    For example, the DIGI-Wi-Fi module this must first be connected to an available Wi-Fi network. Please see the video here (https://bit.ly/2UWy5SB) for a tutorial regarding DIGI-Wi-Fi programming.

    The most common reason that panels will not register to a PyronixCloud account is due to the incorrect password being entered. You must use the Cloud Password programmed in the control panel, not the PyronixCloud Account Password used to sign in on a web browser.

    You can check the Cloud Password in the Master Manager Menu of the control panel.
    Press the D key then enter the Master Manager Code.
    Press NO until ‘SET UP APP DATA?’ is displayed then press YES.
    Continue to press YES until ‘Cloud Password’ is displayed and make a note of it (do not change the cloud password).
    Repeatedly press NO until ‘EXIT MANAGER MENU?’ is displayed and press ‘YES’ to return to day mode.

    Once the Cloud Password is set in the panel and it begins polling the PyronixCloud, it can’t be changed. Changing the password in the panel will not update the PyronixCloud, the initial password will need to be re-entered into the panel. If this has been lost or forgotten please contact Pyronix Customer Support for further assistance by raising a support ticket here (https://bit.ly/2BwBRut).

    Finally panels can only be registered to one account at a time. It must first be de-registered from its current account before being registered to an alternative account.

  • How do I find my Cloud Password?

    You can check the Cloud Password in the Master Manager Menu of the control panel.

    Press the D key then enter the Master Manager Code.

    Press NO until ‘SET UP APP DATA?’ is displayed then press YES.

    Continue to press YES until ‘Cloud Password’ is displayed and make a note of it (do not change the cloud password).

    Repeatedly press NO until ‘EXIT MANAGER MENU?’ is displayed and press ‘YES’ to return to day mode.

  • How do I find my System ID?

    You can check the System ID in the Master Manager Menu of the control panel.

    Press the D key then enter the Master Manager Code.

    Press NO until ‘SET UP APP DATA?’ is displayed then press YES

    Continue to press YES until ‘System ID’ is displayed and make a note of it (this can’t be changed and unique to the panel).

    Repeatedly press NO until ‘EXIT MANAGER MENU?’ is displayed and press ‘YES’ to return to day mode.

  • ProControl+ says the panel is not polling, what does this mean?

    The alarm panel constantly polls the PyronixCloud, if ProControl+ displays ‘panel is not polling’ there are a few initial steps that can be taken to try and reconnect.

    The control panel may be transmitting data to the PyronixCloud, wait a few seconds then try again. If the problem persists the panel may have lost connection to the Cloud, perhaps the internet connection is down. If the system is connected via Wi-Fi, the panel may have disconnected from the Wi-Fi network or the signal strength is too weak.

    If you have changed your broadband provider and have a new router, the control panel will need reconnecting to the router with the new Wi-Fi credentials. If you have not changed your router try resetting it, this often fixes connection problems. If you have changed the router, or resetting the router does not work, follow the instructions in the video below to re-establish a connection.


    If none of the above works, contact the installation company for assistance.

  • What is my ‘User Code’ for ProControl+?

    The ‘User Code’ required to connect to a system with ProControl+ is the same code used to set and unset the system at the control panel keypad.

  • I have lost or forgotten my app password

    You can check the app password in the Master Manager Menu of the control panel.

    Press the D key then enter the Master Manager Code.

    Press NO until ‘SET UP APP DATA?’ is displayed then press YES

    Continue to press YES until ‘App Password’ is displayed and make a note of it.

    Repeatedly press NO until ‘EXIT MANAGER MENU?’ is displayed and press ‘YES’ to return to day mode.

  • I can’t contact my installer and I want to renew my subscription, what can I do?

    Please raise a support ticket and we will advise what course of action we can take. We will need the system ID of your panel.

Product Faults

  • What can cause false alarms with movement detectors?

    Passive Infrared (PIR) detectors can be affected by any source of heat, such as: convection currents from radiators or open fires. Swaying curtains or decorations can also cause problems; therefore ensure that all windows and doors in the area are closed and that there are no draughts to minimise the risk of false alarms.

  • What can cause false alarms with smoke detectors?

    Harsh or dusty environments can cause a false alarm with smoke detectors. Additionally, at certain times of year (usually around harvest time) tiny insect can penetrate the smoke chamber, which may also cause false activations. To minimise this, ensure that detectors are kept clean by vacuuming them at least once per year.

Product Specification

  • What is the advantage of having wireless smoke detectors connected to my security system?

    Stand-alone smoke detectors warn you of a potential fire at your property by sounding when they detect smoke. Smoke sensors connected to a security system can be configured to warn you by sending a text message or signal to a monitoring station. Should a potential fire occur when you are away from your property, you will then be notified and take the necessary action.

System General

  • Why can’t I delete a User Code/Fob using the Master Manager Code?

    <strong>If a User Code has been initially set up with access to areas that have been revoked from the Master Manager, the Master Manager will be unable to delete the user.</strong> This is particularly common with wireless fobs which have access to areas A and B by default. In Engineer Menu, navigate to ‘CHANGE CODES?’ and assign the relevant areas to the Master Manager. Once the Master Manager has access to the areas, the User Codes/Fobs can be deleted. Area permissions can then be changed back if required.

  • How do I find an installer of Pyronix products?

    Please visit the NSI or SSAIB websites to find local professional security installation companies and contact them directly.

  • Can I disable/enable the display backlight on my keypad?

    The display backlight on a keypad is normally programmed to turn off after approximately one minute. The display can be programmed to permanently lit, however this is an engineer function, so please ask your installer if this is required.

  • Can I get a discount on my home insurance if I have a security system fitted?

    With some properties your insurance company may insist that you have a security system fitted before they will cover you. In the majority of cases however, a discount may be available on your annual premium. In such cases you would typically be expected to have the system professionally installed by an installer that is a member of one of the industry inspectorate bodies and have the system regularly maintained. Contact your insurance company for specific details.

  • How can I change the time and date on my system?

    Press the ‘D’ key on the keypad and then enter the master manager code (not user code). Press the ‘No’ key until ‘SET DATE & TIME?’ is displayed. Press ‘Yes’ then follow the screen prompts from there.

  • How can I unset my system without a tag/fob?

    This will depend on how your system has been programmed. If you have been given a code which has access rights to the area/system, proceed to the nearest keypad and enter the code to unset.

    Some systems (usually police calling systems) have to be unset using a proximity tag to comply with the requirements of police policy and EN standards. You will only be able to unset using a code after the entry time has expired and an alarm has been generated.

  • How do I change my user code?

    Press the ‘D’ key on the keypad and then enter your user code. Press the ‘No’ key until ‘CHANGE USER CODES’ is displayed. Press ‘Yes’ and then follow the screen prompts from there.

  • How reliable are wireless security systems?

    The reliability of wireless devices has improved significantly in recent years and with regular maintenance a wireless system provides a reliable and effective alternative to traditional, wired systems.

    Wireless systems also have the advantage of being extremely quick to install with minimal disruption to a property.

  • Is it necessary to have my security system maintained?

    We would always recommend that you have your system maintained by a reputable and professional service company, particularly with respect to wireless systems that may require batteries to be checked and replaced.

  • Can my system notify me when my children arrive home from school?

    Your installation company may be able to program a ‘Special Unset’ feature, which will send you a text message when certain user codes are used to unset the system.

  • How do I know when the batteries in my devices need replacing?

    When a battery reaches the end of its life, the device will send a ‘Low Battery’ message or a ‘Supervision Fault’ will be indicated at the panel, warning you that the battery requires replacing. We recommend that batteries are replaced routinely after two years (one year in the case of the Mk1 Shock Sensor).