Product Spotlight: Master internal intrusion, with the KX15DTAM

High security installations offer many challenges and this is never truer than when requiring indoor detection at Grade 3, where attempts may be made to compromise the system while it is disarmed.

So, in high-end retail spaces, warehouses, banks, post offices or factories, where valuable goods or large sums of money are kept; individuals may try to cover or block detectors so that they can return later and enter undetected.

How can this be avoided so that reliable detection is maintained?

The KX15DTAM, the premium wired indoor detector of the KX range, offers the perfect solution, with specialised and proven anti-cloaking, anti-blocking and patented anti-masking technologies to satisfy Grade 3.

Adjustable anti-masking offers unique protection against any attempts to mask the detector with a variety of materials, such as, cardboard, duct tape, spray, lacquer or aluminium foil, while anti-blocking technology prevents the system from being armed if there is anything blocking the field of view of the detector. To arm the system, this would need to be removed. Therefore, neutralising any attempts to compromise the detector.


In some of these environments, like office receptions, retail spaces or warehouses in industrial or commercial settings, or large reception areas, rooms with large glass windows or garages in residential settings, conditions can fluctuate, which can cause false alarms for many detectors on the market. This can be frustrating and time consuming.

The KX15DTAM, which offers reliable detection up to 15m, also boasts Dual Technology (DT); consisting of both a passive infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW) sensor in one housing. With DT, both PIR and MW sensors need to be triggered, sequentially in quick succession, to generate an alarm. This makes the KX15DTAM perfectly suited to harsher environments, to deliver reliable detection, while minimising risk of false alarms.

To reduce the risk of false alarms further, the premium indoor detector also includes Blue Wave Technology (BWT), which consists of various features to allow the detector to adjust to its environment. Digital temperature compensation enables the KX15DTAM to digitally adjust its sensitivity to maintain its specified range when the background temperature moves closer to body temperature, while automatic sensitivity allows it to self-adapt to changing environmental conditions to maintain stability and intruder catch performance.


The optical 3D system of the KX15DTAM also delivers superior detection of moving targets! This ensures more precise signals are received from the PIR and allows the protection of the area directly below the detector (creep zone).

The KX15DTAM is truly the ideal indoor detection solution, which also offers selectable EOL resistors to cater for most control panels on the market, sealed optics, ABS plastics for a uniform and stylish finish and tamperproof brackets.


Optimised for performance and presentation, this Grade 3 DT detector is ready to deliver a stylish, dependable and flexible security solution to cover any indoor environment!