Product Spotlight: ProControl+

Integration is here with ProControl+ & Hik-Connect

The intrusion market is converging at an increasing rate, with products and solutions entering the market from various industries.

This convergence has led to a rapid increase of end-user targeted products that deliver various lifestyle functions. Remote video monitoring, security and automation capabilities are now very much in demand, so what’s the solution?

It’s time to advance into new market applications and grow your business, by offering a totally integrated solution with ProControl+ and Hikvision’s Hik-Connect.

ProControl is designed with professional security integrity in mind. This brand-new user-friendly application marks the evolution of Pyronix’ smartphone app portfolio. Utilising Pyronix award-winning security systems and industry expertise, with Hikvision’s world-leading video surveillance technologies, you can now deliver the fully integrated and secure system your end users desire, thanks to seamless iVMS integration.

End users can arm and disarm, check the status of any detector or sensor on the system and control any automation outputs, as well as access complete video monitoring of their property thanks to compatibility with any Hikvision video device.

Available on Android and iOS, your end users will be able to check to see if their children have arrived home safe from school, monitor outbuildings or offices, receive notifications of any activity on the system, tell the dog to get off their sofa or even answer their front door or respond to deliveries with mic-enabled cameras, all from the palm of their hand.

They can also easily switch between control panels and cameras for quick video verification, multi-site monitoring, access camera recordings, preview live-streams and see all the push notifications they’ve received.

Deliver a security and video monitoring centre in the palm of the end user’s hand for any residential or commercial purpose.

Compatible with app-enabled Pyronix Grade 2 and Grade 3 security systems, ProControl+ and          Hik-Connect offers outstanding usability and flexibility that is simple to install and easy to use.

It’s time to advance. It’s time to integrate.