XD range in Autumn




Perimeter protection is one of the most effective ways to prevent an intruder.

Yet as autumn approaches, changing weather conditions can often make maintaining a secure boundary more challenging. Installing the XD provides multiple enhanced technologies to overcome even the most extreme weather including temperature fluctuations, strong winds, swaying trees and falling leaves.

The XD range combines Tri-Signal Detection Logic with Dual-Vision Technology to heighten detection capability. Consisting of two independent Passive Infrared (PIR) sensors and one microwave sensor, the Tri-Technology utilises Tri-Signal Detection Logic to identify the presence of an intruder. This provides reliable and stable external detection as all three sensors must be activated sequentially in quick succession to create an alarm. This limits the risk of false alarms and enhances the detector’s immunity to environmental disturbances.

Swaying trees and falling leaves can also often be the cause of false alarms with external perimeter detection. The Anti-Sway Analytics technology provides an enhanced digital filter which protects against false alarm activations, by identifying the movement of trees and plants, from the movements of an intruder.