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Wireless Deltabell Module


The Deltabell Module enhances outdoor security on any property. The Grade 2 device offers a loud siren, strobe, and, combined with a selection of base and lid colours, deters intruders while complementing various building designs. Easily installed on property exteriors, there is no need for wiring to the control panel, ensuring a swift and clean setup, minimising disruption at home or in business settings.

Key Features
  • Piezo sounder technology
  • Watertight polycarbonate plastics
  • 868MHz transceiver FM technology

Product Features

Attractive deterrent

The Deltabell range of security sounders provides a visual deterrent whilst being aesthetically appealing and available in a choice of base and lid colours.

Clean and easy to fit

The wireless Deltabell-WE can be fitted to the exterior of your property with no need to run wires to the control panel, making it quicker and easier to fit with less mess left in your home or business.

Superior performance and security

Enforcer two-way wireless technology is designed to ensure high security protection for users with easy installation and maintenance for installers.

With anti-jamming, high security protocol and tamper protection the Enforcer two-way wireless Deltabell sounder provides peace of mind for users and installers alike.

6 colour choices in bases and covers (sold separately)

Expert security with two-way wireless technology

Enforcer two-way wireless technology is designed to ensure high security protection for users and easy installation and maintenance for installers, utilising award winning features such as signal strength indication (SSI) and jamming detection.

Signal strength indicator (SSI) & jamming detection

Award-winning features on wireless devices such as Signal Strength Indication (SSI) and jamming detection combine to provide a system which is simple to install, while maintaining a reliable and secure wireless connection.

Highly secure wireless encryption

128-bit encryption provides effective protection of signals being transmitted by the system and prevents code grabbing. This gives the wireless bus a very high level of security protection.

300m transmission range

The high sensitivity receiver allows a wireless signal range of up to 300m in open space, eliminating the need for repeaters and reducing installation costs.

Customise your Deltabell covers (covers sold separately)

Customise the look of your Deltabell covers with your logo or design of your choice.*

*only available for installers with a minimum order of 40

Deltabell-WE newly updated with 4x CR123A batteries

Our latest Deltabell-WE module now takes BATT-VARTA-CR123A-R batteries. This change won’t affect functionality, but it will make obtaining and replacing batteries easier in the future with our Varta CR123A multipacks available through distribution.

Sounders technical characteristics

Sound Output

100 dB(A) @ 1m

Sound and light indication on alarm


Engineer hold off


Flashing LED Strobe


Comfort LED

Selectable Enabled/Disabled



Tamper protection


Strobe duration and frequency

10ms, 1Hz

Sounder maximum duration

15 mins

SAC (self actuating bell) / SAB (self activating bell) option


External Remote 12 Volt DC Input


Built in Spirit Level


Levelling aid


Enforcer two-way wireless technology

Signal Strength Indicators (SSI)


Instant two way device control (ITDC)


Pyronix high security two way wireless data encryption protocol (TDE)


Pyronix intelligent jamming detection


Programmable wireless supervision time


868MHz transceiver FM technology


One push to learn


Transmission range

300m in open space

Environmental and operating features

Certified operating temperature

-25C to 60C

Nominal operating temperature

-30C to 60C

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

221 x 151 x 37 mm

Electrical & battery

Battery type

4 x CR123A

Battery life

Up to 2 years

Battery low voltage protection


Operating voltage

9-16 v

Certifications and warranty

Security Grade

Grade 2

Environmental class


EN Certificate

EN 50131-5-3: 2005 + A1: 2008 | EN 50130-4: 1995 + A1: 1998 + A2: 2003 | EN 61000-6-3: 2007

Certification type


Certificate number


Electrical conformity



2 years

Product Codes & Options

SAP: 361300049
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