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Incorporating two PIR sensors and a microwave sensor in a single housing, the XDL12TT-WE offers extended-range signalling, while enhancing false alarm resistance through its Dual-Vision Pet Immune detection technology. It also comes equipped with a variety of features that ensure supreme reliability and can be easily and quickly installed.

Key Features
  • 12m, 90° volumetric coverage
  • Pet tolerant up to 24kg below 1m
  • Robust housing providing IP55 protection

Product Features

Streamlined connectivity

Enjoy the convenience of a user-friendly one-button learning feature for seamless connectivity, easily identify the optimal device placement during installation using SSI, and achieve efficient power management with ITDC.

Tri-Signal Detection Logic

The XDL12TT-WE employs Tri-Technology with two PIR sensors and one microwave sensor in a single housing for effective outdoor security. This system uses Tri-Signal Detection Logic, requiring all three sensors to activate consecutively in rapid succession to trigger an alarm when an intruder is detected.

Dual-Vision pet immunity

The XDL12TT-WE features two dedicated non-overlapping PIRs, with the top PIR viewing outward and upward, while the bottom PIR views outward and downward. This design improves sequential detection and enhances pet immunity.

Anti-Sway analytics

An advanced filter designed to maintain an optimum level of performance whilst protecting against false alarm activations in environments with windy weather conditions and swaying trees and plants.

Blue Wave Technology

The integration of various technologies, including digital temperature compensation, automatic sensitivity adjustments, Independent Floating Thresholds, advanced digital signal processing, and precision optics, enables the XDL12TT-WE to seamlessly adapt to its surroundings, enhancing immunity to interference and preventing false alarms.

Weatherproof IP55

By incorporating rubber and foam gaskets, the housing design forms a sealed environment for the detector’s electronics. With an IP55 weatherproof rating, this detector is safeguarded against dust, heavy rain, snow, and water jets from all directions.

Adaptable coverage

Each lens can be restricted with inserts to adjust the coverage area. This is particularly useful in areas where external interferences can cause false alarms.

Flexible installation

The XDL is compatible with a range of mounting options to deliver the perfect angle and coverage pattern required. Utilise the XD-WALLBRACKET or XD-45D-ADAPTER to create new angles or the XD-FIXEDBRACKET with two detectors for 180° coverage.

Easy setup

The XDL12TT-WE has been developed for maximum protection, fitted with features for maximum installation ease and convenience:
• Walk-test buzzer
• Status LED indication
• Adjustable MW range
• Adjustable PIR coverage angle
• DIP switches
• One-Push-To-Learn
• Signal Strength Indicators (SSI)

Detectors technical characteristics

Two-way wireless technology


Blue Wave Technology


Dual element pyroelectric sensor


Tamper protection

Front, rear and external tamper switch

Intergrated walk test buzzer


Separate LED indication

Top: Microwave, PIR 1 and alarm
Bottom: PIR 2

Signal Strength Indicators (SSI)


Anti-Sway Analytics



IP55 rated

Adjustable sensitivity

High or low range


3mm polycarbonate
0.4mm HDPE in lens area

Detectors technical characteristics

Maximum range

12 metres

Volumetric coverage

90° coverage

Dual technology


Animal immunity

up to 24kg, 1m high)

Tri technology


Detection speed

0.25 - 2.5m/s

Detection zones

22 (11 top, 11 bottom)

Detection planes


White light filter



UV compensated


Dual-Vision sealed optics

Detection method

Tri-Signal Detection Logic


2 low noise dual element passive infrared sensors and a microwave doppler unit


Wall mounted

Optional brackets:

Optimum coverage height

1.2 metres

Environmental and operating features

Storage temperature

-40°C to 80°C

Certified operating temperature

-25°C to 60°C

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

188 x 77 x 84mm (7.4" x 3" x 3.4")


0.3kg (10.6oz)

Electrical & battery

Battery type

2x 3V 4700mAh Lithium battery packs (BATT-ES1)

Battery life

Up to 3 years

Battery capacity


Certifications and warranty

Security Grade

Grade 2

Environmental class



2 years

EN Certificate


Product Codes & Options

SAP: 361301266
XDL12TT-WE 10.525GHz
SAP: 361301265
XDL12TT-WE 10.587GHz
SAP: 361301264
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