Profit with ProControl+

How you can upsell, save money, retain customers and increase profitability with the Pyronix ProControl+ security system


The system

A professional high-security solution that incorporates integrated and home control options. The system is accessible on the go from anywhere in the world via the user’s smartphone using secure IP communications via the PyronixCloud and ProControl+ App infrastructure.

Offering a full range of peripherals that utilise our multi-award winning Enforcer two-way wireless technology that delivers the battery life and ease of installation of a wireless system, without compromising on the reliability and safety of a wired system.

Easy setup and installation

In just four simple steps the HomeControl+ App is ready and, by connecting through a cloud server, there is no on-site setup of static IP addresses or configuration of network connection, instead you simply set up an account on, which saves you time and therefore money on every installation.

Remote management capability

The PyronixCloud infrastructure also allows for remote programming and diagnosis of systems using our InSite UDL software. This again saves time, money and increases the number of installations that can be completed, which also makes the HomeControl+ a more profitable solution. Recurring revenue streams can also be established by offering PyronixCloud management services; managing this themselves or passing access to end users. This increases customer retention and again makes your systems more profitable.

Upsell opportunities

The multitude of upsell advantages can be seen with the expandability and flexibility of the security system.

Should your end user add an extension, garage or outbuilding and require more detectors, life protection sensors, shock sensors etc., these can all be installed without having to refit an entirely new system. This is mutually beneficial as it provides convenient upgradability for the end user and the sale of more devices for you. In addition, as all peripherals use our multi-award winning two-way wireless technology, they can be installed in minutes with minimal disruption, which again saves you time and money.

Furthermore, you can also offer a fully customisable Surface or Flush Mount Keypad. Therefore, even if your end users redecorate, with interchangeable casings available, you can still deliver a security system that perfectly suits their décor.