Home Security for Flats

Whatever the size of your flat, we have a solution to keep you safe and secure

Whether your flat or apartment is large, medium or small, they're still home and as such, they deserve the very best in security systems.

Pyronix has a great range of award-winning intrusion and perimeter protection products that are perfect for properties of all sizes.

Read on below for suggestions on how to give your home the best in security protection...

The Perfectly Secure Solution

The patented Pyronix range will give you the peace of mind that your apartment or flat is secure.

Our wireless solutions offer simple installation without compromising on high security – we’re confident that we have the products and solutions to suit your need.

With wireless systems, installation is simple – as there are no wires to run, there’s no need to take up carpets or floorboards.

In each main living area, we recommend fitting a PIR motion detector. This will cover any lounge, extended corridor or bedroom areas.

It’s normally unnecessary to position an additional detector in the bathroom, as should an intruder break in through this room, other detectors around the property would initiate an alarm as soon as the intruder exited the room.

If the kitchen area is separate, then an additional detector should be positioned here, particularly if located on the ground floor.

Our range of wired and wireless KX detectors would perfectly suit such an installation, such as the KX12DQ-WE or if the household has pets, the KX10DP-WE.

On wireless installations, the MC1MINI-WE door contact should be fitted to the main entrance and exit of the property.

All of these devices can be connected using our fully two-way wireless Enforcer V10 control panel.

We would also recommend a Carbon Monoxide detector near to the bedroom and a Smoke Detector just outside of the kitchen or main living area/corridor in order to avoid false alarms.

Externally, we recommend an alarm sounder, such as the Deltabell to act as the perfect visual and audible deterrent.

Another consideration would be to add our MC1/SHOCK-WE combine shock and magnetic contact sensors – particularly if on ground level or if there is a flat roof that provides easy access to your property.