Six ways to gain the advantage with Standalone

In trying economic times, where disposable income is stretched, homeowners are cutting back on big spends.

Fear not though, our Standalone Champions are here to offer versatile and effective security solutions for you to bolster your offering.

Here are six ways you can gain an advantage with Standalone:


  1. Effective protection at a lower cost

Our Standalone Champions offer a unique opportunity for your customers to protect their homes at a lower initial cost. Rather than investing in an entire system, homeowners can reduce the initial outlay, and still gain efficient security, by opting for our standalone products. These devices, like the BatteryCam and DoorbellCam, function entirely on their own, but can also be integrated into the full system at a later date. Our Standalone Champions offer a solution for now and in the future.


  1. A solution at zero cost

Did you know HomeControl2.0 has a built-in Personal Help Alarm – and it’s entirely free? Users simply need to download the app to gain access. It’s a fantastic gift to offer customers with each quotation as a complementary add-on, or going back out to your install base as a thank you for being a loyal customer. The standalone Personal Help Alarm offers a competitive edge that’s sure to help you secure more sales.


  1. Monitor your energy usage

Homeowners can save with the SmartPlug. It can be paired with HomeControl2.0 to monitor the energy consumption of plugged-in devices within the home, allowing homeowners to weed out any secret energy sappers in the house and save money on bills!


  1. Solar-powered products

Did you know the BatteryCam connects with our SolarPanel for continuous charge? The SolarPanel acts as the device’s battery charger to independently power the BatteryCam without the need to manually remove and recharge batteries, saving time, effort and electricity costs. The SolarPanel is available to purchase separately or as part of our BatteryCam bundle (BATTERYCAM/KIT-SDSOL), which also contains the BatteryCam and accompanying 32GB SD card.


  1. Automate for energy efficiency

Some devices in the home only need to be on for certain periods of time, like nightlights, plug-in air fresheners, heat lamps and dehumidifiers – and it can be easy to forget to switch these devices on and off. Powering them through the SmartPlug allows the user to set up automations and scenes within the home via HomeControl2.0; ensuring no more power than needed is used.


  1. Ensure devices have been turned off

It can be frustrating and a bit stressful if you can’t remember whether you’ve switched off a device after leaving the house or not, especially if it’s a potential fire risk or energy waste. With the SmartPlug enabled, users are able to check if a device is on and switch it off remotely if required; saving the user money and ensuring their home’s safety whilst they are out and about.