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PCX External Prox Reader


Key Features
  • Can be used as entry control
  • Green and red LEDs indicate system status when valid tag/card is presented
  • IP65 rated external proximity reader
  • Wires directly to the RS-485 BUS
  • Proximity tag or card reader
  • Switched negative for relay magnetic lock control
  • Can be used to set/unset (arm/disarm) controller
  • Complies with EN50131-1

Product Features

Set Point

Can be used with either proximity tags or cards to easily set/unset the system. Green and red LEDs indicate system status when a valid tag/card is presented.

Integrated Access Control

Can be used for internal or external doors to deny unauthorised entry.

Entry Control

Need a reader to both act as a set point and access control? Entry control solves this, combining both from a single reader; using the same Pyronix proximity tags used to set and unset the system.


Rated IP65,  the weatherproof external proximity reader does not need to be positioned under cover therefore can be used on any external entry.

Setting devices technical characteristics

Intergrated prox reader


IP 64 rated external prox reader


Inputs & outputs

Onboard wired inputs


Outputs on board


Environmental and operating features

Certified operating temperature

-10 a +50 °C

Nominal operating temperature

-10 a +50 °C

Physical dimensions (H x W x D)

85 x 85 x 21mm

Electrical & battery

Operating voltage

13,8 V (rango de 9-16 V)

Supply current

Máx. 90 mA a 13,8 V

Certifications and warranty

Security Grade

Grade 3

Environmental class


EN Certificate

EN50131-1 | PD6662

Certification type


Electrical conformity



2 years

Product Codes & Options

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PCX External Prox Reader
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