Strengthening Security during the Holiday Season

As the festive season approaches, break-ins and theft dramatically increase.

The reasons behind this upsurge in crime are multifaceted. Darker evenings offer intruders more cover, making break-ins easier. Vacant homes become vulnerable targets, sometimes leaving homeowners unaware until their return. The display of festive gifts under Christmas trees, while charming, can attract thieves seeking easy loot.

Moreover, social media, often used to share holiday plans, inadvertently exposes homes, making them potential targets for burglaries while occupants are away.

The key to protecting households at this time is layering up security and extending the protected area beyond the four walls of the home. This means ensuring the entire property is covered, inside and out.

So, where do you start?

Well, we offer a range of devices perfect for delivering a multi-layered security approach that incorporates both internal and perimeter protection; all brought together through our HomeControl2.0 app.

With increased activities, travel, and valuable gifts within homes, HomeControl2.0 delivers efficient, remote security management. Its functionalities allow users to control and monitor their security systems from anywhere, ensuring constant oversight during busy holiday schedules or when away from home visiting loved ones. Features, like geofence-based arming/disarming alerts, make sure that even amidst festivities, the home’s security remains a priority. The app’s ability to integrate various security devices, such as cameras and sensors, offers comprehensive coverage and peace of mind.

One such device is our doorbell camera. During the festive season, when homes are often bustling with deliveries and visitors, the DoorbellCam becomes especially useful. With increased foot traffic at the door, the DoorbellCam’s durable design and advanced features provide crucial main-entrance security. Its motion detection and wide-angle view ensure continuous monitoring, ideal for safeguarding valuable holiday deliveries or deterring potential intruders. The real-time notifications and Full HD video mean homeowners can remotely monitor doorstep activity, ensuring that even while away enjoying seasonal gatherings, they can keep a watchful eye on their property.

Our versatile indoor and outdoor camera, the BatteryCam, further enhances video security at the property. The easy-to-install, battery-powered device provides an ideal solution for increased activity at Christmas time, protecting vulnerable areas and eliminating blind spots inside and outside of the home. Sporting a Full-HD, 130-degree lens, the BatteryCam springs into action, recording video footage upon detecting motion via its built-in PIR sensor. Through HomeControl2.0, users can playback videos and capture video footage to examine, save, and share the things that catch their attention.

As the nights become longer and properties are festooned with holiday lights, the LightCamera becomes particularly advantageous for property illumination and spotlighting visitors. For homes already equipped with outdoor lighting, the LightCamera is simple to install, seamlessly integrating into existing setups as a standalone solution, or as part of the Enforcer V11 system, to bolster proactive defence through voice push notifications, video verification, and advanced features. With its 270-degree PIR sensor and 1080p Full-HD video capabilities, the LightCamera ensures continuous, comprehensive surveillance, providing users with clear, high-quality images throughout the day and night.

Our range of sensors and detector are another essential for keeping homes safe this festive period.

As homes become busier and often hold more valuable items, like Christmas presents, our discreet MCNANO-WE wireless magnetic contact provides an added layer of security by safeguarding various entry points within the home. Its compact design is perfect for concealing within uPVC frames and ensures protection for doors and windows. Its versatility extends beyond entryways, allowing for application in various spaces like medicine cupboards, cleaning rooms, and desk drawers – a new way to protect against those sneaky gift-peeking attempts!

The NANO/SHOCK-WE is a critical addition during the holidays, securing vulnerable access points with its built-in accelerometer shock sensor. The innovative technology device detects force and triggers alarms before any potential breach, effectively allowing users to take preventative action as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, our IP66-rated MCEXTERNAL-WE contact secures property perimeters by safeguarding gates, outbuildings, sheds, and other vulnerable areas. Its instant push notifications via the app offer immediate awareness when a door is accessed, empowering users to stay vigilant. Additionally, its seamless integration with cameras allows for video verification, further enhancing security measures by providing visual confirmation.

The festive season brings increased risks of break-ins and theft, driven by darker evenings, vacant homes, and the display of valuable gifts. Protecting homes involves a multi-layered security approach, extending beyond the immediate premises. With a range of innovative solutions, we aim to offer heightened security and peace of mind through Christmas and beyond.