Layer up this winter; secure the property and the perimeter.

Let’s take security to the next level.


It’s time to layer up!

Enhance Protection:

Grow security services and extend protection outside of the home. Ensure every blind spot is covered, inside and out.

CASE STUDY DOWNLOAD: find out exactly how one of our installer customers managed to successfully secure a large horse stud farm that included buildings, boundaries and machinery.

Defend the Dark:

As daylight decreases, intruders are able to seize more opportunities under the cover of darkness. For example, in January 2023, burglary rates surged by nearly 18.5% compared to the previous summer months*.

View crime stats here

Learn more about layering up. Read our case study.

Prevent Intrusions:

Stop intruders before they reach the property with our perimeter protection solutions. Designed to create a more secure and protected environment, our solutions are suitable for both residential and commercial properties, whatever the size.

Deliver Instant Alerts:

The moment a breach occurs, whether it's a garden wall, fence, gate, or property boundary, it’s detected. HomeControl2.0 swiftly activates, delivering immediate alerts allowing your customers to take immediate action to keep intruders at bay.