Product Features
  • Simple calibration with LED indication

  • Auto-orientation

  • A PCB that’s front and centre

  • Easy walk test

  • Conformally coated for complete reassurance

  • Mini and modern design

  • Compatible with Enforcers or wireless ZEMs with HUB version 3.54 or later

Discreet Perimeter Protection

A compact wireless shock sensor that flexibly fits out of sight within uPVC window or door frames, or surface mounted with its low profile and pleasing design. With superfast installation and calibration features such as auto-orientation and pin-hole sensitivity setup with LED indication, the NanoShock is a Grade 2 accelerometer device with excellent wireless range, 2 years battery life and is available in white, brown and anthracite. It also features a conformally coated PCB, which ensures the stability and longevity of its electronic components in more changeable environments, for reliable protection.

Mini and modern design

The design of the NanoShock delivers both a compact and pleasing finish, with superior aesthetics.

Simple calibration with LED indication

The NanoShock features a pinhole button on its front for simple sensitivity calibration. Use the included pin needle calibration tool to hold the button and cycle through 5 increments, with 1 being the least sensitive and 5 the most sensitive. LED indication guides you through so that you can release the button on the desired sensitivity. Fast and convenient, pin-point calibration.

A PCB that’s front and centre

With the NanoShock there’s no need to open it up and configure the PCB on install, or unscrew anything to change batteries. Instead, the PCB is encased in the front of the sensor, along with the batteries, for the most straightforward installation and maintenance.


Featuring accelerometer technology, the NanoShock can be fitted in any orientation, without having to worry about the positioning of any detection chamber. Not only that, but it doesn’t need any adjustments either; simply position in the required position and as soon as the sensitivity is set, it auto-orientates.

Easy walk test

With LED indication, the installer can quickly and easily carry out a walk test to check the calibration.

Match the décor

The NanoShock comes in white as standard, but brown and anthracite casings are available so that you can match the style and preference of every installation.

Out of sight, security in mind

The Nano-sized shock sensor is designed to deliver out-of-sight installation; fitting in the recess of uPVC door and window frames. It can also be surface mounted, with its low profile and pleasing design enabling it to blend in with its surroundings.

Conformally coated for complete reassurance

As the NanoShock is designed to be fitted in changeable environments that can be humid and generate moisture, its PCB has been conformally coated. This avoids deterioration of the PCB/electronics to increase stability and longevity; ensuring reliable performance.

Compatible with any Enforcer or EURO with a ZEM

Wirelessly connect the NanoShock to any Enforcer panel, or use a Pyronix ZEM (zone expansion module) for hybrid wireless expansion to add the device to any EURO system.

Two-way wireless

Faster installation, less invasion, upsell opportunities and the same superior security with two-way wireless technology:
• No wires, no fuss – Fully wireless means there is no need to run wiring by lifting floorboards or moving furniture; saving time and money.
• One-Push-To-Learn – A feature in all Enforcer wireless devices that means learning them onto the system can be done in seconds. A simple one-button learning feature for easy installation.
• Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) – SSI in all Enforcer wireless devices allow them to be optimally positioned during installation, without the need to refer back to the panel.

Other technical specifications

Dimensions (W x H x D)

30 x 95 x 10mm



Casing /Colour

2mm polycarbonate-ABS, white

LED colours

Red, blue and green

Transmission frequency

868MHz FM transceiver narrow band

Transmission method

Fully encrypted rolling code


5 levels from low to high


2 x lithium CR2450R

Low battery threshold

2.2V +/-5% @ 25ºC

Tamper switch

Front and rear


Storage: -20ºC to 50ºC
Operating: -10ºC to 40ºC


EN55022 Class B




2 years

Product Codes & Options

Brown Plastics Kit
Anthracite Grey Plastics Kit
Black Plastics Kit

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