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Manage your home or business security system, monitor cameras and control IoT devices with our multi-functional security application, HomeControl2.0. Accessible on both iOS and Android, safeguard both property and loved ones with its complimentary Personal Help Alarm which sends geolocation-based alerts in distressing situations.

Key Features
  • Personal Help Alarm
  • Geofencing capabilities
  • Voice push notifications of alerts

Product Features

Smart home

Your security system should do more

The SmartPlug, Doorbell and BatteryCam are all compatible with the HomeControl2.0 application, enabling on/off control of devices, notifications when someones at the door, and the configuration of scenes and automations.

Personal Help Alarm

In distressing situations, HomeControl2.0 allows users to send geolocation-based alerts to family and friends, signalling the need for assistance, both inside and outside the home.

Geofencing capabilities

Set up the geofencing feature to use as a push notification reminder to arm and disarm your system when exiting and entering the geofence area (respectively).

Biometric login

Login to your system using biometric login (facial recognition/fingerprint) on both iOS and Android devices for easy and simple access to your system. No need to enter your user code every time you enter the app.

Detailed history of events

Events and notifications can be viewed in the app, showing a log of what’s happened on the system, giving the user added visibility over their system.

Simple and intuitive to use

The redesigned interface allows users to quickly see all their area and sensor status’ from one screen making actions quicker and easier, intuitively navigating the user to the right place at the right time as quickly as possible.

Control from anywhere

No matter where the user is they can use HomeControl2.0 to control and monitor their security system at any time.

Voice notifications

Receive voice notifications of alerts on the alarm system, from arming and disarming to “perimeter breached” for enhanced perimeter protection. Be alert, all the time.

Android & Apple compatible

HomeControl2.0 is available on Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store.


*Please Note: The PyronixCloud platform and HomeControl2.0 service is a yearly subscription service and charges do apply. For more information please contact your installer or your dedicated account manager.

Software & Application details

Device operating system compatibility

iOS & Android

Multi-site support


Multi-system support



Push and voice-push notifications

HomeControl2.0 - Migrate from HomeControl+

HomeControl2.0 - Geofence set up

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