Product Features
  • Control your security system from anywhere in the world with the HomeControl+ App
  • 8 Independent areas
  • Connect up to 46 wired and 32 wireless devices and up to 50 programmable outputs
  • GPRS, GSM and LAN modems
  • Communication: - ARC: Contact ID IP, SIA Livel 3 IP - User alarms: SMS and push notifications
  • User remote control: SMS control commands and HomeControl+ App
  • Fully electrical and wireless devices remote diagnostics

Panel Type: Domestic & Commercial



Now you can have a hybrid security system which you can control from anywhere in the world. Setting and unsetting, checking your system stautus and setting up notifications you can now had ultimate control of your home security when ever you want it. 

The PCX 46 APP panel has all the features of the standard PCX 46. You can connect up to 46 wired devices such as detectors, sounders and sensors, along with 32 wireless devices including the magnetic contacts, smoke and CO sensors using the RIX32-WE to give you the ultimate fexibility.

With the on board and expandable outputs you can also control automation outputs such as shutters, garage doors and gates all from the palm of your hand. 

No on site IT configuration 

The HomeControl+ App is connected through a cloud sever with 3 way verification, so there is no need to set up static IP addresses or configure the network connection on site. Instead you simply set up an account on

Highly secure connection

The HomeControl+ App and PyronixCloud communications are fully encrypted to the highest standard (AES 256) and no sensitive user data is stored on the PyronixCloud.

Easy installation

  • Select setup App data, get system ID and set a PyronixCloud password.
  • Create a management account at and connect the system.
  • Download the HomeControl+ App.
  • Connect the HomeControl+ App to the PyronixCloud and update your notification options. 

The HomeControl+ App is ready to use.

Independent and sub areas

Any input can be allocated to up to 8 areas and using proximity readers, the sub-areas can be armed/disarmed independently from main areas (5)

Inputs and outputs

There are 8 onboard outputs up to 46 fully programmable inputs including inertia inputs (fast zones). The onboard outputs can be expanded to 50.

Maximum wireless inputs using RIX32-WE

You can connect up to 32 fully programmable Enforcer two way devices using the RIX32-WE wireless expander

Up to 100 user codes

Fast GSM and PSTN modems

It is possible to use the fast PSTN (2400bps) or the GSM (9600bps) or both modems (one as backup) for communicating alarms to the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) and users.

Remote control via smart phone App

The users can control the system remotely by using the Pyronix smart phone App. The control functions are arming/disarming, activating the automation outputs, bypassing inputs, checking system and automation outputs status and others.

Arm points

Conections for up to 6 LCD Keypads, or 5 internal & external proximity readers which the user can use door entry control and access control. 

Full electrical diagnostics

All the calibrated diagnostics including wireless devices can be read at the keypad and remotely from the UDL software via the GSM / GPRS, PSTN or IP modems.

All the calibrated diagnostics can be read at the keypad and from the UDL software via modem or IP connection


Technical Specifications

Control panel technical characteristics

Two-way wireless technology
Using the RIX32-WE wireless input expander
Independent areas
Tamper protection
Case tamper & back tamper
LCD keypad with intergrated prox reader
PCX LCD Keypad
User codes and prox tags
Guard codes
Reporting formats
Fast format, SIA3 and Contact ID
System logs

Inputs & outputs

Input type
Wired & Wireless (with RIX32-WE)
Two-way wireless inputs
32 (with a RIX32-WE)
Onboard wired inputs
Wired EOL inputs
46 (with 4 RIXs, 3 Keypads)
Wired double pole inputs
40 (with 4 RIXs)
Total inputs
Outputs on board
Output modules
Maximum outputs
Two-way wireless keyfobs
32 (with a RIX32-WE)
Two-way wireless sirens
2 (with a RIX32-WE)
Wired keypads
Max 6
Readers and entry control
Max 5

Communications and modems

Modem type (included)
LAN modem (optional)
Supports PyronixCloud & HomeControl+ App
Event Signalling to Insite
Contact ID IP, SIA Level 3 IP

Environmental and operating features

Storage temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Certified operating temperature
-10°C to +40°C
Nominal operating temperature
-10°C to +40°C
Physical dimensions (H x W x D)
250 x 297 x 82mm (small case)
390 x 305 x 100mm (large case)
PCB: 170 x 90 x 3mm
11.5kg inc battery (same case)
4.8kg inc battery (large case)

Electrical & battery

Intergrated power supply
1.5A (small casing)
Battery capacity
Battery supply protection
Reverse polarity protected
Battery low voltage protection
10v low voltage cut off
Internal battery charger
750mA Continuous
Recharge time
<24 hours
Mains supply
230v (220-240v) AC Max 250mA
Operating voltage
22V AC Nominal (±20%), 50Hz (±10%)
Quiescent current consumption
Fuse (battery)
1.6A slow blow, 20mm
Fuse (12v outlets)
800mA fast blow, 20mm
Fuse (mains)
315mA Anti-surge, 20mm
Fuse (RS485 data BUS)
800mA fast blow, 20mm

Resistance (wired inputs)

0k5 to 8k3
1k5 to 5k9
<0k5 or >17k
6k to 8k1
8k2 to 17k

Certifications and warranty

Electrical conformity
EN Certificate
Certification type
Certificate number
Environmental class
2 years
Security Grade
Grade 2

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