Make sure to hone your installation expertise with us, at your own pace and preference, with our flexible training options.

We’re always here to lend a helping hand, whether it’s technical support or product knowledge that you need. 

Knowledge is the key to success.


Phone Helpline

Call our dedicated Technical Support team on 0333 444 1280, Monday to Friday between 08:00-18:30. They’re a friendly, knowledgeable bunch of professional ex-installers who’ve probably been in the situation you’re calling about. So they’ll have the answers to hand.


If you don’t need an answer urgently, you can ask any non-immediate technical questions here and we’ll get back to you normally within 24 hours*. *can be up to 72 hours over weekends.


Face to face

Attend a training session at our Pyronix office or request on-site training.

Online video tutorials

Access online video tutorials from anywhere to learn new skills or refresh your knowledge.

Product manuals, FAQs, #PyronixSay

Access everything from product manuals to FAQs and more. GAP also provides a dedicated #PyronixSay page for every major new product, so you can quickly see the product’s features and benefits to sell to end-users.


If you’re based too far away, or it’s inconvenient to attend our office-based training, sign up for our online webinars and learn remotely from home or the office.


Pyronix on-demand

Watch product videos and promos to develop your understanding of key systems and the scenarios they can cover.

Pyronix communications

Stay up to date with all the latest developments with our newsletter: subscribe here.  You can also visit our website or follow our social channels to see the latest news and join the discussion.

Website resource access

Register on our website to access technical specifications, FAQs and product information. You can download technical sheets, quick setup guides, catalogues and much more