Pyronix Guarantee

  1. At Pyronix Limited we are proud of our products and believe that we ensure both suitable materials and the utmost skill and care are used in manufacturing them.
  2. We are confident in the abilities of the installers and distributors to whom we sell our products, and the high standards that they employ to ensure that Pyronix products are delivered to you in the same condition as they left us.
  3. Pyronix Limited warrants that all our manufactured products shall be free from defects in workmanship and material for the period specified on the batch label relating to the product supplied (the “Pyronix Guarantee period” for that product).
  4. Some Pyronix products are capable of generating voice messages, digital messages and text messages via SMS. In order for these messages to reach their intended destination, the Pyronix product needs to be connected to network and transmission facilities operated by third parties. Pyronix is not responsible for the operation of the network, any incompatibility between the Pyronix products and the connected network and transmission facilities, the delivery and non-delivery of these messages, network and transmission failures, the third parties service level, or the costs associated with the delivery of these messages.
  5. We hope that you will not, but if you find that any Pyronix product is defective or contains defects in workmanship or material please contact the business which supplied that product to you, and ask them to liaise with us about it. They may need the product to be returned to them for assessment and analysis.
  6. Products which are found not to have been properly maintained or not to function properly as a result of misuse, abuse, improper installation, neglect or have been damaged by disasters such as fire and floods, will not be repaired or replaced by Pyronix Limited under this guarantee, and Pyronix shall not bear the cost of returning the product (and any other affiliated cost).