Why choose Pyronix


Trusted by households and commercial properties across the UK and Ireland, we protect people, homes, businesses and the things that matter the most.

Every security need is covered with our tailored range of alarm systems, detectors and devices.

With Pyronix, you’re in control.

Find security in the palm of your hand with our HomeControl2.0 mobile app.

Get remote access, comprehensive control features, real-time monitoring, event history, automation, video verification and personal safety outside of the home all in one place when you choose Pyronix.

Always connected, always protected 24/7

Ultimate peace of mind

Monitor your security and receive instant notifications with HomeControl2.0

Our smart device application hosts a load of helpful features to keep you in the know with your security.

From geofencing and biometric login to SmartPlug compatibility and built-in Personal Help Alarm, we’ve got everything you need to stay safe, inside and outside of the home.

Get the ultimate peace of mind with HomeControl2.0

Check out HomeControl2.0
Protection for every scenario

From homes to coffee shops, offices to farms and more...

Protecting your family, property and possessions is your highest priority – that’s why we take our security solutions seriously.

Choosing Pyronix means choosing a quality system that can be specifically tailored to your needs and situation.

Get protected for every scenario with Pyronix.

Trusted and reliable protection

We've got your back

With over 35 years’ experience in the professional security industry, we’ve cemented ourselves as a market leader in personal, property and asset protection.

With award-winning products, training and support for our installers, we ensure that when you choose Pyronix, you’re choosing the best.

More reasons to choose Pyronix

Award-winning products Vehicle protection Professional system 

Detects humans, ignores pets

Protection against fire  Designed to disappear  User-friendly 

Protection against water damage

Personal protection  Continuous innovation  British made  High level encryption