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We actively support installers in growing their own business by ensuring that they benefit from our world-class manufacturing, high-performance products and bespoke services, enabling them to stand out from the crowd.
Together with world-class R&D capabilities, industry leading technical support and training, customisable marketing options and responsive account management, the result is a true partnership between installation professionals and Pyronix – where your success drives our success.
But don’t just take our word for it.
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Complete solutions


  • "We have worked with Gary Rogers and Jim Lovett for some time now, they have been very supportive of ACE for both sales and technical training. Always happy to pop by to help when required.

    The products we use have given us confidence in the brand especially the app connected panels, giving value added to our customers at very little cost. The remote service and diagnostic abilities of the InSite programme gives a speedy response to issues and can foresee problems too."

    Richard Webb - Operations Director, Ace Fire and Security
  • "Index Security’s association with the current Enforcer and Euro range goes back over 35 years to the days when Pyronix was Castle Caretech. The current incarnation of systems with the Enforcer and Euro 76 has benefited hugely with advances in technology and ownership, and are without doubt the first and best choice for Index.

    I suppose you could say we have been installing these for as long as they have been in existence, and long before the latest systems were made available. To date, we have installed many thousands of alarms, 95% of these systems were Castle now Pyronix, and now the Enforcer or Euro range. Our engineers find them easy to install, easy to setup and easy to maintain. Our customers find them easy to use and like the availability and functionality of a well-balanced app based system. The app is exceptionally easy to use, (and very good) it integrates with the Cubecam exceptionally well, and the system as a whole performs very well. We have very few errors or issues given the amount of systems we install and maintain, which is exactly what we need.

    We would recommend without any problem, but not to other alarm companies. We are happy for them to be installing something that is just not as good. Lastly, whilst Pyronix has an excellent product with the Enforcer and Euro 76, the input from Hikvision can only make it better."

    Neil Sheppard - Managing Director, Index Security
  • "Alpha Electrical Fire & Security have been using Pyronix products since 2012 and can’t fault the development within the Pyronix range of peripherals & control panels.

    With the V10 Enforcer and Euro 76 control panels they are quick and easy for our engineers to install and programme. The addition of app control for the end user is great for commercial and domestic clients. Remote connection using the InSite Software means we can service and alter programming at the touch of a button."

    Graham Cree - Director, Alpha Electrical Fire & Security Ltd
  • "Our company has recently started using the Pyronix products including the Enforcer, Euro 46 and Euro 76 panels. We have found the products very straight forward to use from an engineering point of view and easy for the end client to use.

    The Pyronix cloud is also very good and easy to navigate, we have found the service to be reliable and although the App is quite basic, it simply works.

    The wireless equipment has proven to work very well and most importantly it is reliable, all of the products look nice and modern and the feedback from our customers is always good.

    We would recommend using the Pyronix range of products and look forward to the future products that Pyronix produce."

    Ben Lebbern - Managing Director, Balance Systems
  • "At iFire we have been using Pyronix Enforcer & Euro panels for over 7 years now. Generally speaking our go-to panel for domestic would be the Enforcer and for commercial would be the Euro. We have installed well in excess of 1000 systems with very few issues. With the new ProControl+ app and the integration with HikVision it has allowed us to open up more options to go down to show customers what we can do for them giving them the best possible solution! Using the relay expander we have many sites with customers opening and closing doors, shutters, gates etc all linked to the CCTV so they watch on their phone as these actions are triggered no matter where they are in the world!"

    David Boyle - Managing Director, iFire UK Limited
  • "We have been installing the Euro and Enforcer systems for 5 years. They are feature rich and very easy to install and maintain, our customers love them and their features too!

    With the wireless keypads, external sounders and wireless detection options, they have cut the installation time down to hours (even on larger systems). This makes them very cost effective for our customers, more profitable for us as a company and frees up engineering time.

    Learn one, learn the range! Both the Euro and Enforcer range uses the same basic menu and programming infrastructure, so you do not need to teach new apprentices a multitude of different control panel menu’s and functions.

    We would definitely recommend them for their simplicity, versatility, and reliability! You should also consider looking into the additional features like external detectors as switcher inputs and integration with the Hik /Pyronix range of CCTV cameras, which are easily added to either system."

    Simon Rushton - Director, Tops Security Systems
  • "As an NSI Gold installation company, product reliability, performance and support, are highly important to us and for that reason we have invested in, and can trust Pyronix to deliver time-after-time for commercial and residential applications alike. The V10 range is lightning-quick and our customers love the App features."

    Toby Garrad - Technical Manager, Kestrel Alarms Ltd
  • "Since day one of selecting Pyronix as our 'go to' supplier for security products and technology, we have been extremely impressed as they have absolutely excelled in product build quality, customer service and technical support. We have benefited from being able to offer our clients the latest technology combined with design and build quality which is second to none. The customer service and training has been a pleasure to experience, and technical support from the team who are helpful, highly knowledgeable and they take time to ensure they serve their customers needs fully. We have also thoroughly enjoyed the free CPD and training by way of webinars which were excellent for product training and technical knowledge. We have established an excellent working partnership with our local Account Manager Darren Cooper who has been instrumental in helping our business learn and maximise the many benefits in specifying and installing Pyronix products. It is a pleasure to work with Pyronix, we look forward the future working with a customer service focussed company, keep up the great work Pyronix".

    Lee Ward, Pure Electric

Expert training and support


  • "I have been in Security and Electrical contracting for 44 years and this is the first time I have had a Technical helpline person be so extremely helpful and knowledgeable I wish all of them were like him, I can't thank him enough."

    Bash Ghaffur, MB Alarms
  • "I just wanted to take the time out to say a big thank you to your technical support team, as you know our technical engineer who was running our own 'in house training while installing' programme left us suddenly with no notice to start his own business. This left us without a technical engineer with trained knowledge on your products. Still determined to move on with our business we continued to install your products, we did this because we see the customer value and reliability in them and I can honestly say that your telephone support engineers have enabled us to continue and understand that we made the right decision to continue to install Pyronix products, they really are excellent."

    Your team have had the patience to talk us through from what must have seemed to them the basic of questions right through to some very testing technical questions enabling us to complete every install we have done and complete all of our alarm breakdown calls.

    With every call we have made to them they have answered and have taken the time to help work out the solutions to our questions, they have really been fantastic and I would really appreciate if you could pass on to them our appreciation and thanks.

    We have since taken on two engineers and knowing we have the level of support from you guys the pressure to find a trained alarm engineer with Pyronix knowledge was not such an important part of the job description.

    Thank you also Gary because I know you took the time out to come to one of our installs to ensure everything was OK, big thanks to you all guys."

    Tony Jones , CCTV Systems UK
  • “Many thanks for this morning, really helpful and well presented. Given the current lockdown circumstances, the online training platforms are brilliant; I think I actually prefer the technical delivery this way, it saves me a long round trip, fuel, accommodation charges!”

    David Stebbing , Norguard
  • “Thank you very much for the presentation yesterday on the Visual Verification on the Enforcer product. It’s was very well presented and really informative. I’m looking to add new quality products into my business that I can offer onto my existing and hopefully new clients, and from my initial purchase of the Enforcer V10 and the great technical support I’ve received I feel this is a great fit for my business”

    Colin Okorn,
  • "Today’s training seminar was excellent, a master piece. I learnt quite a lot, I am a hardwired Scantronics installer. This will be my 1st Alarm to practice with in my workshop.

    Your training style is unique, paced nicely and covered topics in very simple and technical style. This only comes when you are really up to date with products and a really professional trainer.

    I am personally impressed with the technical materials you covered in such a simple way as to make sure all technical issues and parameters were covered and understood by all. Well done!"

    Harry Hallen,
  • "Brilliant presentation, I found that very useful."

    Peter Brench ,
  • "Thanks for the presentation it was fantastic and I think it will help the company I work for in the future."

    Adam Morgans,
  • “Very useful exercise”

  • "Excellent course, very well prepared and explained in good pace. Well done."

    Harry Hallen,
  • "I’ve just watched the webinar on Visual Verification. I Found it VERY interesting, and useful – we have been fitting Hik IP cameras for many years, and have met you a few times at the Hik Roadshows, and over the last couple of years have been installing lots of Euro46 and the odd enforcer, and really enjoying alarm installation and configuration! The linking of the cameras to the system is something I think will be really useful, and you explained it very well. "

    Alastair Gibbs,


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