Bridging the Gap: Reducing the Security Industry Skills Shortage

The security industry has, over several years, suffered like many other industries with a skills shortage within the sector.

Finding qualified professionals equipped with the necessary expertise to provide the right levels of engineering ability has become increasingly challenging, but what’s the answer?

We believe that one of the ways to solve this lies in apprenticeships and focused training programs designed to target young people and those looking to upskill.

Apprenticeships offer a practical solution to combat the skills shortage. By providing a structured and hands-on learning experience, apprenticeships are designed to help young people get industry-specific skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals, whilst being able to earn a living whilst learning.

At Pyronix, we believe that addressing the skills shortage calls for a united front. Collaboration among industry stakeholders, educational institutions, and government bodies is key.

In our commitment to this collaborative effort and the future of the industry, we proudly sponsor Skills for Security – an organisation dedicated to working closely with professional installation companies to elevate both the skills and standards of professionalism within the security industry by providing access to high-quality training courses and qualifications.

As sponsors of Skills for Security, we actively engage in their mission to strengthen the security industry’s workforce by training young talent. As part of our partnership, we conduct training days with their cohorts, providing invaluable hands-on experience and expertise. We also donate panels, peripherals and other equipment to support apprentices in their learning journey.

By investing in apprenticeships, fostering collaboration, and supporting initiatives like Skills for Security, we, as an industry, not only looks to tackle the skills shortage but also cultivates a resilient and skilled workforce prepared to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of security and fire.

As the industry grows, its future rests on the shoulders of the next generation armed with knowledge, hands-on experience, and a commitment to excellence.

If you’d like to find out how you can support Skills for Security or would like more information about taking on an apprentice, you can do so here.