Combatting Tool Theft with the CarDefender

In 2022, a tool theft occurred every 15 minutes.

According to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the England, Wales and Northern Ireland Police forces, over 35,000 tool thefts were reported to the police last year; that’s a shocking 13% increase in the number of cases reported in 2021.

One of the main reasons why tool theft is so prevalent is the vulnerability of targets. Construction sites, vans and other job sites are often left unattended, making them easy pickings for unscrupulous thieves. On top of this, the high value of tools and their portability make them attractive to criminals trying to make a quick buck through illegal resale, where, unfortunately, there is strong market demand.

Inadequate security measures often contribute to the prevalence of tool theft as well. Businesses and individuals can underestimate the risks or fail to invest in robust security systems to keep their assets secure; the absence of visible security measures, like lighting or cameras, may unintentionally signal to thieves that it is an easy target.

Tool theft, understandably, is massively disruptive to people who rely on their equipment to make a living. The financial toll associated with tool theft is astounding. Online construction community, On the Tools, estimate an average loss of £4,470.50 per tradesperson in tools; equating to well over £100 million stolen during the current cost of living crisis.

What’s more, Direct Line Group has reported that over half of these tool thefts occur from inside a vehicle; equating to roughly £3425 per theft.

Not only does tool theft cause financial losses, but it also causes substantial damage to businesses and individuals. For businesses, there’s the high cost associated with the subsequent downtime while replacing stolen tools, leading to missed deadlines, dissatisfied customers and damage to reputation. Meanwhile, the emotional toll on the tradespeople who rely on these tools to make a living is immeasurable as they face increased stress and the inability to work.

With tool theft an increasingly pervasive issue, we recognised the need for an effective solution, particularly when it comes to tool theft from inside a vehicle.

So, we’ve developed the CarDefender in response; a complete industry-first combined technology device, designed to protect vehicles and the valuables and equipment stored in them.

Working in conjunction with existing Pyronix systems, the CarDefender gives users early warning of attempted vehicle theft or intrusion.

The device has three configurable detection modes, which are able to detect shock or tilt; and it can be set to trigger for shock only, tilt only, or if either shock or tilt is detected.

In the event shock or tilt movement is detected by the built-in accelerometer, a notification is sent directly to the user’s mobile device via our HomeControl2.0 app, allowing them to take preventative action as soon as possible. In addition, the device can also raise the property alarm if desired to further deter intrusion.

Vans are often parked away from properties, so we’ve designed the device to be added as an unsupervised zone, enabling it to be driven outside the wireless range, without causing a fault. When allocated to an area of its own, despite being an external device, the system will remain Grade 2 compliant – and, on return, the CarDefender will wake within 5 minutes or can be manually reconnected to the system by the user, using the handy Back to Home button on the front of the device.

With a one-year battery life and a two-year warranty, the CarDefender offers a unique solution to what is a growing societal issue. By investing in effective security measures like the CarDefender, businesses and individuals can mitigate financial losses, maintain productivity and have peace of mind that their vans and tools are securely protected.