HomeControl2.0 with Account Manager Darren Cooper

The initial launch of HomeControl2.0 is to replace our alarm only platform and the first app we released, HomeControl+.

HomeControl2.0 therefore provides a new simplified user experience with a fresh new look, intuitive set up and navigation with added smart features that are designed to evolve to the changing needs of the user.

Benefits to the user

The main benefits to end users is the attractively redesigned interface compared to HomeControl+; offering a new level of control and interactivity whilst making security convenient and simple to use.

Geofencing was also added to HomeControl2.0, which is designed to enhance security control capabilities for the user; letting them select their location within the app to set a geofence area of up to 1000m from their property. By doing this, as they exit and enter the set area, they’ll receive a reminder to arm or disarm their system.

We’ve also included biometric login to further enhance the user experience and reduce the time from opening the app to accessing the security system.

Along with the other great new features, users are still able to control their security directly from their device; arming/disarming, bypassing a zone, checking status  and the new “Arm all” smart function for area systems.

Users can also check their detailed history of events, along with accessing and switching outputs.

HomeControl2.0 makes managing security easier than ever.

Benefit for you and your business

By analysing the market and listening to customer feedback, HomeControl2.0 has not only been designed to enhance the day-to-day experience for users but also to provide installers with a smart application that can evolve over time.

Along with the features we’ve already discussed, the app is fully compliant to PD6662:2017 and there’s already more exciting new updates that are being developed, including camera functionality and more.

Meanwhile, notifications can also be tailored for the end users individual needs through PyronixCloud. Another key feature of all of our apps is that installers are able to brand them and HomeControl2.0 is no exception. Via the PyronixCloud infrastructure installers can upload their logo, which gives them a uniform and fully professional look to market their products and solutions to their customers.

Our marketing team can also create fully customised marketing collateral to give installers everything they need to push their solutions across all platforms.

HomeControl2.0 set up

HomeControl2.0 can be set up easily and swiftly using the new setup wizard that guides users with a help video available in app. It can also be connected to any existing system and new system that offer app control.

With our HomeControl2.0 user guide and our handy tips and set up videos on our YouTube channel, your HomeControl+ users can migrate themselves in a matter of minutes.

Migrate now

For more information on HomeControl2.0 don’t hesitate in contacting me or your local Account Manager, we are always available for product information, training enquiries and even just a chat!

Or if you would like to get straight into it, you can download HomeControl2.0 now on Android™ from the Google Play Store, and on iOS™ from the Apple App store.