Product focus: HUD/MED-WE

With the Pyronix HUD/MED-WE users can signal for help by sounding the alarm, it’s as simple as that.

The first hold-up device added to the Pyronix range, the HUD/MED-WE is small and sleek, with a wireless range of up to 300m in open space.

By pressing both buttons down for two seconds, the alarm activates and if the system is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), they will be immediately alerted for fast direct response.

This can be vital.

An elderly family member lives on their own and wants to keep their independence. Normally having no issues with day to day tasks, trips in the bathroom and is unable to get back up or reach their phone to call for help.

An engineer working in a very loud and dangerous environment has an accident. It is too loud to be heard shouting for help, mobile phones are not permitted a nobody can see where they are.

A shopkeeper is standing behind the counter of their shop, when a customer walks in and starts making threats.

Offer the extra protection and safety reassurance they desire with the HUD/MED-WE, so they can quickly and calm raise the alarm.

Discreetely and easily positionated at the side of a till, under a counter, next to the bed, or any other convnient location, the HUD/MED-WE can even be worn to help protect workers, patients, the elderly, school children, staff, shopkeepers and many, many more.

Easy to set up and loaded with great features, such as an easily replaceable battery, one-push-to-learn, positional press marks and the option to modify it to a Medical Alert (MED), with both keymats included as standard.

Help your users maintain independence, improve safety and care in the factories, schools, hospitals and care homes, as well as come to the shopkeeper’s aid. It could make the difference when you need it most.

Please note: The HUD/MED-WE is compatible with any Enforcer with firmware v10.31 and above, and any RIX32 with v3.54 and above.