Pyronix Support Hub with Customer Support Manager, Kelly Lees

Having launched our Support Hub platform almost 3 months ago, we sat down with Customer Support Manager Kelly Lees to talk all about it and the many advantages it provides.

What is the Pyronix Support Hub?

This is our dedicated online support channel for our professional installers. It offers them quick and easy access to our product manuals via desktop or their smart devices, which can be really useful if they’re on site or attending jobs.

They can access the manual they need by scanning the QR code that’s physically printed on the product packaging using their phone, which takes them directly to it, or they can proactively search for the manual of any of our products by logging into their installer account with Pyronix or at

As well as online product manual access, it also gives our installers multiple access channels for our technical support, certifications, FAQs, searchable content, 3D product viewing and much more, so they get a full support service on one platform.

How is this beneficial to installers?

It offers a lot of benefits really. One of them is that they don’t have to manually search through paper manuals anymore to find the information they need, which can be time consuming and frustrating. Instead, they can view this online by quickly navigating to the information they need on the Support Hub and they can even do it on the go.

Because we’ve removed the paper manuals from our products and replaced them with a QR code, it also reduces the amount of waste generated on a job for the installer. But, so that the service they provide their customers is unaffected, we’re still including the physical user guide in the product packaging, so that they can continue to leave this with them for quick reference.

The Support Hub also gives our installers easy access to all our help channels, including contact details to speak to our world class Technical Support Team via phone, email or WhatsApp, as well as our new web chat feature which has been launched recently, if the installer needs any support with the install or maintenance of our products or if something isn’t working quite right. The web chat feature is also available 24/7 to help if the installer needs it outside of our working hours.

Why was this launched?

We launched the Support Hub for a few reasons. One of the main ones was to improve the ease of install of our products, by giving installers immediate access to the information required to do so.

The platform also helps us to reduce waste and therefore help the environment, with us taking paper manuals from our products and replacing them with a QR code that takes installers straight to the manual on our Support Hub. This also helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

It also delivers a platform where we’ve been able to put all our support channels, including 24/7 web chat, in one place for the installer; giving them the information and the help they need, whenever they need it.

Where can installers access it?

Installers can access manuals via using their installer account login credentials, or they can follow the link to the Pyronix Support Hub on our website, where they can easily search through our product categories to find the product information they need. All they’ll need is a installer account, if they’ve not got one already, they can register one here: