Stable security, in changing weather conditions

With summer just around the corner, make sure your home is protected with Pyronix XD detectors, for a complete perimeter protection solution.

Fluctuating weather conditions and varying temperatures during summer in the UK, can often prove challenging for security detectors.

That’s why here at Pyronix, all our detectors contain auto-sensitivity technology, enabling the detector to self-adapt to changing environmental conditions, in order to sustain intruder detection performance and stability.

The microprocessor in an XD detector maintains the alarm trip thresholds, digitally adjusting these depending on the external temperature to increase or reduce the sensitivity as temperatures reach or exceed that of body temperature

This flexibility and automatic adjustment to account for external disturbances, lowers the risk of false alarms and enables the detector to remain fully operational in any environmental condition or temperature.

This adaptability is critical, particularly when paired with the ProControl+ app, for security voice push notifications sent straight to any smartphone. These can provide an early warning of a potential intrusion, through the ‘perimeter breached’ notifications, allowing users to act quickly and delivering more value in the security system.

When the sun decides to shine, don’t compromise on security.

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