The EURO 46 V10

Welcome to the new breed of control panel that’s making security simple!

Pyronix are delighted to introduce the brand-new hybrid control panel to the V10 range, that is compatible with any communication method and able to deliver Grade 3 security!

The EURO 46 V10 delivers more opportunities, greater efficiency and more profitability than ever before.

Following the successful launch of the Enforcer V10, Pyronix introduces the latest addition, so that whether the initial installation requires a wired or wireless fit, there is now the perfect solution.

Fit the Enforcer V10 for a wireless installation or the EURO 46 V10 for wired and still benefit from both sets of peripherals thanks to the hybrid nature of both control panels!

Wire-in the brand-new panel and enjoy all the benefits of both EURO 46 and EURO 46 APP with familiar programming and the same full range of Pyronix peripherals, but with more possibilities and only one choice to make!

The benefits don’t stop there, as with either Enforcer V10 or EURO 46 V10 panels, communication preference is no longer a consideration. Instead, you simply fit the panel with the required communication method. The V10 range even automatically modifies its programming options to suit!

For the EURO 46 V10 the communication preference also includes the brand-new DIGI-WIFI/XA, which is fully compatible. Click here to find out more.

Make your installations versatile without carrying excess panels.

Not only does the V10 range change how to pick and adapt a security system, but the EURO 46 V10 is also available in a small or a large version to deliver Grade 2 and Grade 3 solutions! So, pick the EURO 46L V10 variant and deliver Grade 3 security, with remote control from anywhere through the HomeControl+ App, while enjoying remote monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance from the PyronixCloud.

In the digital world, PSTN and traditional phone lines continue to develop issues, while IP communications and push notifications with smart apps grow from strength to strength. The V10 range recognises this and protects the installation with full communication compatibility.

The hybrid V10 is the new thoroughbred.

Please Note: All communication options, including PSTN (DIGI-1200) are sold separately.