Upsell opportunities adding even more value

Start the New Year with more options than ever, with the Enforcer V11 providing security, automation and video in one platform to boost your customer retention, extend system longevity and build recurring revenue potential.

Covering practically any installation requirement, the system provides many sales and upselling opportunities, from its programming options to devices like the MCEXTERNAL-WE outdoor wireless contact, SPEAKER/SOUNDER-WE, SmartPlug and LightCamera.

The Enforcer V11 control panel – the basics

On paper, the all-in-one, two-way wireless, Grade 2 Enforcer V11 delivers the ability to add up to 66 total zones (32 wireless zones expandable to 64 – 2 wired zones expandable to 34) to secure any property, using the wide range of Pyronix wireless and wired devices. It also offers 3 programmable wired outputs (expandable to 38), an inbuilt proximity reader and much more. But this is just the start:

The easiest professional installation yet

The Enforcer V11 has Wi-Fi built onboard its PCB; saving you time from having to fit a separate communicator, while its WPS button makes pairing it with the customer’s existing router as quick and efficient as possible. It also has space to add a separate communicator if dual path is required, while fully menu-driven programming and our multi-award-winning two-way wireless technology make setup and configuration easy.

Programmed to care

Occupancy timers on zones can be set up to generate a specific response to protect elderly family members and the vulnerable. By setting timers to generate an SMS, push notification, or even a notification to an ARC if no movement has been detected, provides added value, peace of mind and confidence to the whole family.

Protect vehicles outside the home

Unsupervised zones enable you to add devices to cover cars, vans, caravans and more; providing unprecedented security coverage to your customers. Deliver total peace of mind over what they have parked outside their property, without risking false alarms when parked away.

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What are the other selling and upselling options you can deliver?

Add the new standalone touchscreen control station

Give your customers total peace of mind and put them in complete control, with one platform that enables them to control their security, automation and video, as well as doubling as a conventional tablet for day-to-day use.

The standalone touchscreen control station comprises of the AndroidTablet and HomeControlHUB app, to not only provide the local programming option for you, but the central hub for the user. This interface even pulls your branding from your PyronixCloud account to deliver a uniform and professional system, while including a quick share option for users to send your details to friends and family.

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Make it a smarter system, for a smarter home

With the Enforcer V11 you can enter the smart home market by delivering value-added automation with the SmartPlug. Make your customers lives that bit easier, by enabling them to automate, activate and switch devices on and off via the AndroidTablet and HomeControlHUB. You can even create scenes or schedules for your customers to deliver the exact functions required.

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Let customers keep an eye on things

With the long winter nights giving intruders more opportunities to approach in the cover of darkness, up to 16 cameras can be viewed on the HomeControlHUB app on the AndroidTablet, for live monitoring of the property. Existing ProControl+ accounts can be connected to pull other Hikvision/Pyronix cameras on the property in to view via HomeControlHUB.

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Upsell the ability to take proactive action

A LightCamera can be added to the system by quickly and efficiently taking over an existing floodlight, to deliver Full-HD video alongside bright dual lights that put intruders in the spotlight or welcome customers home. The camera also provides customers the ability to activate a loud audible siren and even speak via two-way talk to direct deliveries or ward off potential intruders.

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Protect from the perimeter

Traditionally alarm systems focused on detecting intruders after they’d already gained entry to the property, or as they attempted to. Instead, you can deliver a much more proactive and secure method, with security that notifies your customers as someone approaches:

XDL12TT-WE wireless outdoor detector

The XDL12TT-WE tri-technology outdoor detector can be efficiently installed with a range of mounting options to deliver the perfect angle and coverage pattern required. Thanks to anti-sway analytics, tri-signal detection logic and IP55 weatherproof rating, the detector is ideally suited to fluctuating outdoor conditions, while its Dual-Vision Pet Immune feature gives animal tolerance up to 24kg (1m high), before an alarm is generated.

If someone passes by, the detector will be triggered, the Enforcer V11 notified and the customer alerted via voice push notification on the HomeControl2.0 mobile app on their smart device; allowing them to take proactive action.

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MCEXTERNAL-WE wireless outdoor contact

Tough, tamperproof and waterproof, the MCEXTERNAL-WE delivers a new option to perimeter protection by securing garages, gates or roller shutter doors in residential and commercial settings. It can also be used as a universal transmitter thanks to its wired input terminals. As soon as someone opens a gate or the door of a shed or outbuilding the customer will be notified.

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Light the way home for your customers

You can upsell the SPEAKER/SOUNDER-WE to customers to light up entrances as they enter or exit the property. The device also mimics the tones of the panel; distributing sound evenly across the property to raise awareness, while its bright courtesy light provides visual indication of system activity. Fitting in any available plug socket in the property for quick and convenient added value.

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With Enforcer V11, AndroidTablet, HomeControlHUB app, video, SmartPlug and all the Pyronix security and life safety options, you can deliver more value to your business and your customers.

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