Why choose Pyronix?


We caught up with Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Director, to talk about the company, its heritage its extensive product range, as well as the additional support services and materials available for every customer.


What makes Pyronix different?

The great thing about Pyronix isn’t just the products and services, but the people and the level of support and expertise we provide.

We’re a UK business and employ over 230 dedicated colleagues in the UK across our 4 sites in South Yorkshire and a site in Bracknell. The majority of our products are produced in Rotherham, including the Enforcer wireless system and devices.

Our highly experienced account managers are out on the road talking to distributors and installers; providing all manner of support to our customers, while our installer-only Technical Support team (who are all former engineers, with over 180 years combined experience between them), use their extensive knowledge to support installers every day.

Our Marketing team are also at the forefront of creating and distributing customised literature, customised videos and product artwork – providing additional resources to installers that separates them from their competition.

Everyone in the company plays a vital part in the customer journey; from research and development done here in the UK, all the way through to manufacturing.


Pyronix offers a number of services to installers, what does it include?

At Pyronix, we provide tools to help installers work smarter, build their brand and drive their business forward.

Whether it’s profitable new Cloud services, specialist ‘how to’ training or marketing and branding services to help installers stand out. Our Growth Acceleration with Pyronix (GAP) initiative brings together all of these elements, so that installers can maximise the benefits their business receives from the services we have available.   

We’re also available through a number of channels for technical support now, which we’re able to offer through our investment in people and technology to bring a better service to our customers.


You mentioned GAP, what value does that offer to installers?

The GAP initiative provides our customers with help in three key areas; Knowledge, Revenue and Brand. Taking each of these in turn, our Knowledge section brings together all our training and help platforms, such as Training On-Demand through the PyronixCloud, our weekly webinar series, as well as face-to-face training when we can get back to that.

The Revenue aspect aims to show our customers how recurring revenue and efficiency tools can benefit and change their business model for the better, by offering cloud services and remote maintenance.

On the Brand side, we’re proud to have pioneered the installer branded literature and materials element to our support package and continue to add innovative items to that range, including installer branded videos – offering a wide range of marketing support to our installers to help them build their business and their brand.


So, that’s the support side, what about the products?

One of our key focus points as a company, is providing all-rounded security solutions for a variety of markets, from residential to large commercial.

I believe the variety in our products is one of the reasons we’re one of the top security manufacturers on the market; we’re listening to market feedback and putting that into action; enhancing and releasing a number of new products that we believe provide a competitive advantage to our installers.

With a number of releases of new devices in 2020, we’ve started 2021 off by introducing the HomeControl2.0 app, which will be the app platform we continue to develop. We also have more exciting releases due to drop soon, so keep an eye out for those!


What’s the history of Pyronix?

Pyronix was incorporated in Rotherham in 1986, so we’ve got over 30 years industry experience and have developed products ranging from our first – the world’s smallest PIR of it’s time; to now including our Enforcer panel, LightCamera and HomeControl2.0 smart app.

Innovation and customer support have always been at the very heart of the business and has seen us expand our operations, investing in the UK in new facilities such as our new state-of-the-art factory that was completed in 2016 in Rotherham, along with our dedicated R&D centres in Doncaster and Bracknell. Over the years, we’ve also developed and patented many of our own cutting-edge technologies and won numerous awards for our products, services and technologies.

As a British company, we remain very proud of our ‘Made in Rotherham’ and ‘Made in the UK’ heritage.


Is there anything else that is important for the readers?

Pyronix has always seen its responsibility to the local community as an important one, so we’ve always taken an active role in being a pillar in the Rotherham community and a significant employer in the region. We wear this badge with pride as we continue to support our customers in the UK, Ireland and beyond.

This is why we undertake a number of community-based projects, including supporting local schools with laptop devices in the midst of the pandemic, donating security systems to charities, and helping in the community through support of local foundations.

We don’t do this for recognition, we do this because we believe it’s our duty to give back to the place in which we work, and to help out where we can.

Stay tuned for more exciting information, product releases and interviews coming soon.