Wi-Finish late for Christmas? Wi-Fit PSTN?

Wi-Finish late for Christmas when you can be working in a Wi-Fi wonderland!
Wi-Fit PSTN?

It’s Christmas time and we all know what that means; lots of service calls, last minute installations and last minute shopping too. There’s also the added worry of receiving call outs just when you’re tucking into your turkey.

Fear not, Pyronix has taken a leaf out of jolly old St. Nick’s book to save you and your customers the holiday stress. He can deliver presents to all the children in the world in just one night and monitor their behaviour remotely. So, Pyronix thought, why can’t you do the same with your end users’ security system and then everyone can enjoy their Christmas in peace?

With the Enforcer V10, that comes with a DIGI-WIFI module for free as standard, you can, and you can increase your profitability at the same time.

By connecting the Enforcer V10 wirelessly to the user’s pre-existing Wi-Fi router, you increase your efficiency by saving valuable labour time and enable yourself to complete more jobs and therefore make more money, instead of having to take the time to wire phone lines to the panel with PSTN.

As the Enforcer V10 is hybrid, your productivity can be boosted even further. By utilising Enforcer two-way wireless technology, to quickly and efficiently add detectors, sensors, contacts and more to the panel, thanks to features like one-push-to-learn and signal strength indicators. This makes installation faster and enables you to visit more houses, install more systems and become more profitable.

But, what about remotely monitoring whether your panels are being naughty or nice?

Well, with the Enforcer V10 and DIGI-WIFI connectivity, you can remotely monitor your systems via the PyronixCloud platform. PyronixCloud connectivity offers UDL over IP, the fastest way to connect to your systems to program them, diagnose faults and set up remote maintenance without having to visit site. So, no more slow and unreliable connections via PSTN.

This remote capability over IP can also help you establish recurring revenue streams and save you money on your yearly maintenance services, by doing one of your twice-yearly site visits remotely; adhering to standards and saving your business crucial time. By offering management services through the PyronixCloud or passing direct access to users you can increase customer retention and again, make each security system you fit a more manageable and profitable solution.

Now, you can enjoy your Christmas dinner, safe in the knowledge that your Enforcer V10 panels are being nice.

As it’s the holiday season and security is paramount, the Enforcer V10 can also deliver HomeControl+ App connectivity. This is an added value selling point which enables users to remotely control their security system from wherever they are. So, if your users are going away this Christmas, they can monitor and control their security from the palm of their hand.

So, ask yourself, Wi-Fit PSTN and Wi-Finish late this Christmas? Finish early, earn more and remote monitor your systems with the Enforcer V10 and DIGI-WIFI and you’ll be working in a Wi-Fi wonderland.